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    For Parents Always hurting?

    Since we have had a lot of upper optional postings lately, here's another topic I've been wondering about. I've seen on lots of posts here and in other groups where people say once you reach level 9/10, there is always something hurting and to expect regular pain, etc. Has that been your...
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    For Parents Spin off - level 9 versus 10

    I’ve been following the discussion about level 10, but there are so many parts to it and whenever I think of responding, it’s gone off in a different path. Lol. So I thought I’d start a new thread about this because I’m curious. I think the changes to level 9 are great and I definitely see how...
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    For Parents I have a question.. (Team Selection Criteria)

    This is something I've been wondering for a while, but I've been worried about asking because I fear it might be controversial and I'm kind of thin-skinned. And it's a bit of a spin off of some recent posts, although not in response to any specific post.. Why it is so bad for a gym to be...
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    For Parents Anyone else not know what level?

    Since the board has been slow for a while now, I thought I'd throw this out there. :) Does anyone else not know what level your child will be competing at? And are they close to competition season? It’ll be fine either way, but I wish I knew for planning/travel reasons. I feel bad for my dd...
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    For Parents Level 10

    I know there was a thread about first year level 10 last year.. so I thought I'd see if anyone had an update to post? If your daughter was trying for level 10 last year, did they end up competing it? If so, how was it? If not, will they be trying for it this year? If next season will be their...
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    WAG Good luck!

    Good luck to anyone competing at Eastern or Western Nationals this weekend! My daughter competes tomorrow in Atlanta. She’s terrified and excited at the same time.
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    WAG Level 9/10 Regionals

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! My daughter will be competing Sunday afternoon at the Region 8 level 9 regionals. Anyone else going to be there? Anyone else competing in another region this weekend? I'm surprised there hasn't been much talk about regionals on here this season...
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    For Parents Problems with tumbling

    Hi all. I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice or reassurance or what, but I need someone to "talk" to and none of irl friends would understand or probably care. DD is a first year level 9. A month ago she was looking so ready for the season. She had a great mock meet and was leaving practice...
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    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    How hard do you think it is to move from a Yurchenko pike to a Yurchenko layout? From an outsider's perspective, it doesn't seem that much different, but it is the one skill that dd hasn't got yet, and from what she has told me, none of the other level 9s are quite there yet either. She had a...
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    For Parents Can we talk about level 9 (WAG)?

    For all the experienced moms out there, what can you tell me about your daughter's level 9 experience? I've heard how it's a whole new ballgame and I have a general understanding about the requirements and bonuses. I have confidence in our coaches and am not worried about any of that. I fully...
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    For Parents Question about recovering from injury?

    Hi everyone! I have a question about recovering from an injury. Not asking for medical advice, just wondering if anyone has experience with the timeline involved in healing.. So, my daughter was all set to compete level 8 this season. She had a successful level 7 season, had been training for...
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    For Parents Banquet video ideas?

    I'm working on a the video for my dd's team for their end of year banquet. I have plenty of pictures: individual gymnast photos, competition team pics and just hanging around/having fun pics. I was planning on including a short video highlighting everyone's favorite routine elements from the...
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    For Parents Positive words

    Just wanted to make a happy post about the power of a positive word. When I got to the gym tonight and asked how practice was, some of the other parents said it was rough and that one of their coaches was yelling at my dd's team on floor and they were all in tears. I was prepared for my dd to...
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    For Parents Private lesson ?

    So my dd won a 1 hour private lesson with our head coach, who really only coaches the level 10's, in a raffle. She is really excited! She is a level 4 who just finished her competition season and is now training level 5/6 skills. The private will be next week and I'm not sure if they will expect...
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    WAG Level 4 floor question - your opinion?

    Short version: Do you think the level 4 floor routine looks better when the arm motions are smooth and flowing/graceful or sharp and precise? Long version: My dd has 2 floor/beam coaches this season and they seem to disagree about how the floor routine should best be performed. They coach the...
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    WAG Front Handspring help

    My dd is a level 4 and her first meet of the season is 3 weeks away. She's having some trouble with the front handspring and I wanted to see if anyone here could offer some suggestions. She doesn't get any rebound and it just looks wrong when she lands it. Although her coaches are aware of her...
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    For Parents How to help a team "bond"?

    Dd is part of a small level 4 team this year. Last year their level 3 team had 11 girls and they weren't extremely close, but they were pretty good friends. Most had competed level 2 together and the parents all got along and did stuff together occasionally. But since the end of last season and...
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    For Parents Learning skills on the beam

    This is kind of a general question/observation that I have been wondering about.. not a complaint, just a curiosity question. :) It seems like the process of learning skills on the beam is a lot different than the other events. On floor, vault and bars, there seems to be a lot more active...
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    For Parents Plantars Wart?

    My dd has a plantars wart on the bottom of her foot. She's had it for a couple of weeks I think although she only told me about it recently. I applied some OTC wart freezing stuff, but it will take a couple of weeks to work, if it even works. I wasn't there, but apparently yesterday it was...
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    For Parents ROBHS question in level 3

    My dd is 7 and is about to finish her level 3 season with her state meet a week from Sunday. She has had a great season overall with some great scores and high placements. I think she is doing great! I am asking this question just out of curiosity. I am not questioning her coach or her gym... :)...