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  1. PreciousJ

    For Parents Home core/upper body workouts for tweens

    Hey everyone, I know I've seen older posts (especially during COVID shutdowns) where people shared online workouts their gymnasts did at home. I need recommendations for core and upper body workouts for my DD (age 11, training Xcel Gold), who likes practice but generally hates working out at...
  2. PreciousJ

    NCAA Jade Carey announcement

    Your thoughts?
  3. PreciousJ

    WAG Running + Tumbling = Fear?

    I'm starting to suspect DD (Xcel Silver) has a fear, or hesitancy, of running before tumbling. Not just on floor, but she has a relatively slow vault run as well - and vault is really running + tumbling, right? I know she's a fast runner outside of gym. She's had a backwards tumbling fear...
  4. PreciousJ

    OT Naomi Osaka situation

    I made a recent post about meet etiquette. Days later, I read that Naomi Osaka was heckled during a tennis match at Indian Wells, the same place where the Williams sisters were notoriously booed in the past. Tennis (or gymnastics) is not the kind of sport where that behavior is traditionally...
  5. PreciousJ

    For Parents Meet etiquette

    I've seen some less than acceptable parent behavior at meets. Hopefully I haven't been guilty of any! But, especially for folks new to this, maybe we can share some etiquette tips to keep in mind during meets? I thought this event I witnessed at a recent meet was very annoying and...
  6. PreciousJ

    For Parents Do you record meets?

    Just curious where opinion stands on this, there is no right or wrong. And, there are different reasons why people may choose a preference. Personally, I'm adopting a policy to not worry about taking videos at meets. I used to, every event. Now I prefer to just watch and enjoy. Plus, I am...
  7. PreciousJ

    WAG Valeri Liukin investigation

    This happened to show up in my news feed this evening. :confused:
  8. PreciousJ

    For Parents Elbow hyperflexibility

    Hi folks, After DD (age 11) mentioned intermittent elbow pain several weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with a pediatric ortho. We just found out that it's not serious - no bone chips or OCD - but apparently she's hyper flexible in both elbows and that can cause pain. Doctor recommended...
  9. PreciousJ

    OT Tumbling in cheer vs. gymnastics

    Is tumbling for cheer - especially "sideline"/courtside cheer - taught differently than tumbling skills for gymnastics? I would think the difference in surfaces would be a factor, primarily for landing, but I could be wrong. My DS (non-gymnast) plays basketball and I've been able to see some...
  10. PreciousJ

    For Parents Good Vibes :)

    Hi folks, Just wanted to make a post sending out positive vibes, well wishes, and lots of luck to all the gymnasts and gym families out there. The season is underway for some, and about to start for others. This is an intense sport, on top of an already stressful year (plus). Wishing you...
  11. PreciousJ

    For Parents Not-so-great days at practice

    My DD was a bit "off her game" today at practice, per her coach (and the look on DD's face after practice, LOL) . Kind of sluggish and not putting in 100% effort, which is unusual for her. However, I know that DD was tired and probably didn't eat as much as I would like before practice. I'm...
  12. PreciousJ

    WAG U.S. Gymnast's Senate Testimony

    Posting one of the news stories about the Senate testimony that took place yesterday. These young women are beyond brave, and have EVERY right to be disappointed in how this case was mishandled...
  13. PreciousJ

    OT What do you watch for stress relief/laughs?

    Gymnastics, and, life in general, can be stressful, right? What are some TV shows/movies/etc. that you watch to zone out and relax? Or, for good old dumb humor? Bonus points if it's something you and the gymnast in your life both enjoy. Parents, 'fess up, I know you actually like some of...
  14. PreciousJ

    OT Let's share nicknames!

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread to share gymnast nicknames! My DD hasn't been given one by a coach, but she and a teammate call each other "Lemon" and "Lime" (together they are "Sprite", LOL). :)
  15. PreciousJ

    WAG Fewer injuries in gymnasts who begin at a later age?

    Greetings, folks! I am the mom of a 10 year old who is soon moving to Xcel Silver. She's been competing 2 years, started rec classes at 7. As she progresses and starts learning more tumbling/power moves, I have concerns about potential injuries. I'm aware gymnastics is hard on little bodies...