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    WAG Excel Gold

    What sort of skill level is the typical excel gold? I have a gymnast from the US who has asked for lessons and has said she is excel gold level. Just wonder where that will fit into my programs?
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    OT 2021 Best moments

    Well here we are, just a few days left of 2021. What a year it’s been! What were everyone’s best moments, proudest achievements, favourite accomplishments and greatest memories? Gymnastics related and non gymnastics related!
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    For Parents Screen time

    Conducting a little research, for an educational speech I am delivering and was interested in in some real life parent feedback. How many hours a day does your kid spend on their devices? Do you have limitations? How difficult is it for you to implement them?
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    OT Goals

    For most of those in the Northern hemisphere its a new school/gymnastics year. For us in the Southern hemisphere it is approaching the really busy last few months of the year. What are everyone's goals now that things are up and running for a new school year/season? Gymnastics goals, school...
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    OT Why Gymnastics?

    All of us are drawn to gymnastics for one reason or another either as an athlete, parent of an athlete, coach, fan etc. So why gymnastics? What is it that initially drew you to this sport, or your child to this sport, or you to choose this sport for your child? And once you entered those gym...
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    2021 Goals

    So it’s a brand new year, lost if set backs last year has left many even more determined this year. What are your (or your child’s) 2021 goals? Training, coaching or life!
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    WAG Medal presentation

    Random question. I was watching a random YouTube video which featured a few medal presentations at various US gymnastics competitions and noticed something odd. When the medals were presented the judges did not hang the medals around the gymnasts necks, instead at every comp the judge simply...
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    WAG Age of change

    Questions for parents and gymnasts. Just doing a little of my own personal research and looking for patterns. Two questions? 1. At what age did you see the change when your gymnast started to really get into their training, the age you started to see it change from fun to that point where...
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    WAG Level for cast to handstand?

    Out of curiosity what level did yourself, your gymnast achieve her cast to handstand? What level is it usually achieved at your gym? What level, of any, is it required in your gym?
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    WAG College gymnastics

    All these posts about college gymnastics in the USA has me curious. What types of skills/skill level would be expected of a gymnast to compete at a Div 1 school? What is the usual difficulty level of college routines?
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    WAG How long in gymnastics before a team invite

    Just a bit of a curiosity thread. How long was your child/yourself doing gymnastics before you started on a competitive team, as opposed to recreational type classes. What level did you start this programs. Did you go straight to team or was there a pre team system, how long were you on pre team?
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    Australian Gymnastics nationals live streaming If anyone is interested in having a look. The Australian nationals championships are being live streamed right now as well as tomorrow and the next day. You might have to work out the time differenc to catch it.
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    It was only a matter of time! - Trampoline parks! I just wanted to put this out there, highlighting the dangers of trampoline parks, I saw videos of them in the USA and I was dreading the day we got them in Australia. Well that day has arrived and lots of them are springing up (no pun...
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    Pre requisite skills

    I was having an interesting debate with some other coaches, and all have a differing opinion on what they feel the pre requisite skills are for various tumbling skills. For example some coaches feel a back walkover and front walkover are essential before even touching a back or front handspring...
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    How long to get to level 4?

    I am just curious in making a comparison between USA gymnastics and Australian gymnastics. So I was wondering on average how long it takes your girls to get from starting gym to level 4 competitive level. Here in Australia it takes a long time because levels 1, 2 and 3 are highly...
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    For Parents A few quick questions?

    Just a few quick questions, I'd like to get an idea of different parents opinions. 1. Why did you choose gymnastics for your child? 2. How did you find the gym that you took your child too when they first began training? 3. What was it that kept you coming back in the early stages of your...
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    Gyms Losing Money On Team?

    Aurgh I can't beleive people consider gymnastics to be a money pit. Considering the costs of running a team program gymnastics is ridiculously cheap. Most average competitive gymnasts train 10-25 hours a week, the cost per hour for these kids is generally a 1/2 to a 1/3 of what most parents...