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  1. PreciousJ

    For Parents Age for ankle weights?

    DD's team (currently training Xcel Gold) just recently started using them for conditioning, but from what I see they don't use them very long or at every practice (3 days/week). The girls are 8-11 years old. This thread has certainly given me a lot to think about, though, and I'll be monitoring...
  2. PreciousJ

    For Parents Open Gym

    Our gym had one once a month before COVID. It was aimed at rec students and non-gymnast siblings/friends. Team girls were strongly discouraged. Now we only have a one or two per year in conjunction with other gym events.
  3. PreciousJ

    For Parents Home core/upper body workouts for tweens

    Hey everyone, I know I've seen older posts (especially during COVID shutdowns) where people shared online workouts their gymnasts did at home. I need recommendations for core and upper body workouts for my DD (age 11, training Xcel Gold), who likes practice but generally hates working out at...
  4. PreciousJ

    WAG Xcel Sapphire Division

    I'm curious as well. Our gym had Diamond this past season but won't have it for the upcoming season, partially due to lack of competition. We're also in Region 8. Sapphire may be a bigger draw than Diamond, though.
  5. PreciousJ

    For Parents 13 year old just quit

    Ugh, I'm sorry. I hope your daughter finds joy in her next activity and her future teammates/friends. It makes me sad to hear about kids being mean and hateful like that, because you KNOW adults in their life signed off on that BS. :mad:
  6. PreciousJ

    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    Yes. This is what I was implying in my previous post about transparency and accountability, but you said it much more eloquently here. :)
  7. PreciousJ

    WAG At home uneven bars

    Not to pile on here, but yes, even "simple" squat ons can be scary! I saw two high scoring gymnasts fall on these at meets and it was scary to see. The coaches caught the girls but one sustained a minor injury, and both girls were obviously shaken up.
  8. PreciousJ

    WAG At home uneven bars

    Yeah, the home bars won't be very stable for kids over a certain age/weight, which can be dangerous. Home equipment can also unintentionally lead to bad form on skills that kids practice at home, but haven't perfected in the gym. I think this is especially true for bars. There are ways to...
  9. PreciousJ

    OT Track & Field Forum?

    I would be, for sure. I have a son who's been bitten by the track bug, and I'd like to have DD try it out as well next year. I could use some track education!
  10. PreciousJ

    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I would think that this is to increase transparency and accountability, in addition to what @rlm's mom said above.
  11. PreciousJ

    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I don't know much about these roles but having Chellsie involved with anything in USAG leadership is a positive sign.
  12. PreciousJ

    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    Heck, that makes it even more odd that UGA is the only collegiate gymnastics program here - it is 1000% a football school. I'm not a GA native and don't know much about the history of the program, but it existed before Kupets (the most notable UGA gymnast I'm aware of). Sorry for the derailment!
  13. PreciousJ

    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    I've been following this discussion, even though my child is nowhere near a L10. This is a particularly interesting point. I live in Georgia, and the ONLY college/university in the entire state with a USAG-sponsored gymnastics program is University of Georgia. I believe Georgia Tech has club...
  14. PreciousJ

    For Parents Elbow hyperflexibility

    No time off from gym, she had a visit with a pediatric orthopedic/sports medicine doctor and another follow up visit several weeks later. Then she had about 4 physical therapy visits, was given home exercises, and was cleared. No problems since.
  15. PreciousJ

    For Parents Elbow hyperflexibility

    My daughter said her elbow would lock up for a few seconds, to the point where she couldn't extend her arm without pain (but she could do it). She never mentioned having problems with moving her hand or wrist, and her orthopedist confirmed that there were no issues with the hand/wrist on x-ray...
  16. PreciousJ

    For Parents Elbow hyperflexibility

    I hope you get a positive diagnosis, as OCD sounds serious. When my daughter first mentioned her elbow pain and I did some research, I was initially worried that it was OCD. I hope your daughter has better news!
  17. PreciousJ

    For Parents What Is Your IDEAL Team Program?

    Noodles is THE CUTEST! I love it!
  18. PreciousJ

    For Parents What Is Your IDEAL Team Program?

    YES! I love that my daughter's team is like this. Some girls are more competitive than others, but they're not *competing* against one another, if that makes sense. They spend most of their down time at practice and meets talking or being silly with each other, and they have nicknames for one...
  19. PreciousJ

    For Parents Stay Sane In A Sometimes Crazy Sport (Advice From Doc Ali)

    I haven't personally experienced this yet, but your child will let you know when they're done, so respect that.
  20. PreciousJ

    For Parents Advice for gifted toddler?

    Trust me, Xcel can get repetitive too! Yes, certain things can be tweaked or modified, but at a certain point in the season (at least for DD's gym), it was all about perfecting the existing routine to maximize/maintain score. DD's team was OVER IT by States, LOL. I certainly understand your...