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  1. Carorainydays

    WAG I dont know what to do, advice?

    For context i am a level five gymnast (struggling level five who has basically none of her skills on bars) I am 15 years old with four years left before college and my dream is to somehow make level 10 before i graduate and go to a college and do gymnastics (yes i know i will not be getting any...
  2. Carorainydays

    WAG Tell me about the underdogs

    Tell me about the girls who started late but made it Tell me about the girls everyone thought was crazy Tell me about the girls who made it to collegiate even though they were so far away Tell me about the underdogs everyone shouldve rooted for or they did root for
  3. Carorainydays

    WAG Service dogs at gymnastics meets

    Does anybody have any experience about this? Ill be getting a service dog soon and have concern if people will freak out if i bring him to the meets For reference the dog is for psychiatric reasons specifically my anxiety and i also have tics and the dog basically gets rid of them while im with him