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  1. Ingymmom

    8 Year Old TOPs

    I looked around a little, and had not seen mention of the 8 year old skills recently included in USAG TOPs, and them (8 yr olds) now being allowed to go to National Testing. So, I thought I would mention and ask: Are your gyms...
  2. Ingymmom

    2009 World's Team

    Bridget Sloan Rebecca Bross Ivana Hong Kayla Williams alternates are: Kytra Hunter/Mackenzie Caquatto
  3. Ingymmom

    2009 TOPs results

    (Wanted to duplicate from elite forum :D ) Are out... sooo start spilling! Who made it to National testing? Not sure about 10 & 11 yr old, but 7/8 yr old diamond level was raised to 77 this year from 75 (2008) & 9 yr old was raised to 69 this year from 62 (2008). Huge leap, must be a ton of...
  4. Ingymmom

    TOPs Results

    Are out... sooo start spilling! Who made it to National testing? Not sure about 10 & 11 yr old, but 7/8 yr old diamond level was raised to 77 this year from 75 (2008) & 9 yr old was raised to 69 this year from 62 (2008). Huge leap, must be a ton of talent out there :) Congrats to the...
  5. Ingymmom

    For Parents DD's 1st Meet Ever

    I am so happy to finally be able to say that!! hee hee :D Crazy weekend. I am just glad it is over and out of the way! Since dd has never even had a real meet practice run through, I had no idea what to expect from her. She surprised me by how much she knew to do. I could not have been a...
  6. Ingymmom

    Nastia will make an appearance in Gossip Girl

    Nastia Liukin enjoying life in the golden age 01:09 AM CDT on Thursday, October 9, 2008 PLANO – Nastia Liukin was recently dining in Los Angeles. The producers of the CW drama Gossip Girl happened to be at the same restaurant. They'd heard, maybe during her radio interview with Ryan...
  7. Ingymmom

    Nastia Signed first Wheaties Box

    Olympic gold medalist signs first Wheaties boxes When an athlete finds herself on the front of a Wheaties box, they know that they have reached the pinnacle of sports. Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin, who trains at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, got her first glimpse of a new...
  8. Ingymmom

    MSO's 2008 Top Ten US Gymnastic Clubs

    We never seem to post these on the CB, so thought I would go ahead and do it. List is based on JO L8-10 results: #10 Folgers Andover, KS #9 GAGE St. Louis, MO #8 Parkettes AllentownPA #7 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Aurora, CO #6 Orlando Metro Orlando, FL # 5 Charter Oaks Gliders...
  9. Ingymmom

    Dominique Moceanu expecting Baby #2

    Awwwwww, Domi, I can't stay mad at you for long - congrats to her and Michael on their new little bundle on the way:cloud9: Thursday, September 18, 2008 Olympic and Goodwill Games champion Dominique Moceanu announced Thursday she is expecting baby No. 2 with husband Dr. Michael Canales...
  10. Ingymmom

    IOC launching probe into He Kexin's age

    International Olympic Committee launches probe into He Kexin's age - Times Online The International Olympic Committee has ordered an investigation into mounting allegations that Chinese authorities covered up the true age of their gold-medal winning gymnastics star because she was too young to...
  11. Ingymmom

    Warning! Spoiler Alert Bb Ef

    Beautiful beam performances... I was surprised to see no news here - anyone else watch? I was so thrilled for Shawn, Nastia & Cheng - & Pavs was so close to a bronze! GOLD - Shawn Johnson 16.225 Silver - Nastia Liukin 16.025 bronze - Cheng Fei 15.95 4th Anna Pavlova 15.9
  12. Ingymmom

    Shawn Johnson 2005 Elite Qualifier

    So cute! Beam courtesy of Chalkbowl YouTube - 2005 SCATS Qualifier-Shawn Johnson-BB-8.825 FX courtesy of Beechhurst10 YouTube - Shawn Johnson 2005 SCATS Elite Qualifier Floor UB partial courtesy of gymrat4ever - awww, you can tell she was not a bar girl even back then :p YouTube -...
  13. Ingymmom

    SPOILER ALERT WAG qualify Video clips

    YouTube - millyrojas's Channel Thanks to millyrojas For those interested, watch before it gets deleted.
  14. Ingymmom

    Chn Ub Spoiler Alert!!!!!

    He K. not in such a great mood having a fall on UB's in the prelims (15.725). Yang Yilin beat her (16.65). Interesting to see who ends up in the finals now...
  15. Ingymmom

    Add Yang Yilin to the list of possible underage gymnasts

    This would make a possible 3 too young to compete gymnastic in the Olympics. I think FIG just needs to do away from the age restrictions. Clearly it is not doing any good... how could the General Administration of Sport of China website be so incorrect for so many years & for so many gymnasts...
  16. Ingymmom

    Chelsie Memmel possibly injured...

    They say it is not serious, and will still have no problem competing... but still, hope she is ok. What a bummer! Here is the article: Memmel adds U.S. gymnastics injury before Olympics_English_Xinhua
  17. Ingymmom

    Nadia Comaneci Article

    Bless her... finally a positive take on elite gymnastics. Also, If you have not read "Letters to a Young Gymnast", I highly recommend this book. It talks about her ups and downs, and clears up a few rumors as well :D Comaneci says childhood was not lost | Sports | 2008 Summer Olympics |...
  18. Ingymmom

    News about Mattie Larson's break

    I could not find Ellabella's original thread so I just added this here. The results are in from her x-rays and she has a small fracture in the tibia that Mattie and doctors believe to be about a month old. It started hurting right after Olympic trials in June. So sad for this beautiful gymnast...
  19. Ingymmom

    Dominique Moceanu Interview on the "Dark Side" of gymnastics

    Here is a couple of news articles that talk about Dominique Moceanu's interview with Bryant Gumbel that is supposed to air tomorrow night on HBO. She talks about how tough it is to become an elite gymnast, and how her and many other gymnast athletes want the Karolyi's ousted from their...
  20. Ingymmom

    For Parents Does your childs gym host a meet?

    What do parents receive as compensation for working the meet? I am asking because we are considering a gym change, and this new gym hosts an annual meet where the parent is required to work, but receives no credit toward anything - it is just an obligation. Any other gyms that handle home...