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    WAG Grips-do you really need two pair?

    The night before my daughter’s out of town meet, we were running to the store to purchase a glue gun as the Velcro on her grips was hanging by a thread. Needless to say, mom was not very happy. As others have stated, it is important to monitor the condition of the grips in order to purchase a...
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    For Parents New Feature: Test It Out For Us!

    My session timed out as I did not complete the quiz quickly enough. Got interrupted by a work question. . Would not allow me to complete the quiz.
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    For Parents Brag Moment!!

    What a great article! You should be very proud Mom! Exciting to watch her journey!
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    For Parents Proud mom!

    Congratulations to Lily and the entire family! Exciting time!
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    For Parents How big is your gym?

    We have two locations. And probably close to 140 kids between both Xcel and DP (and counting the fun meet kids). I consider it a large program.
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    Anon Daughter got her kip!

    Woo hoo!! That’s exciting! The dreaded kip is huge to finally get!
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    For Parents Asking requirements to move up a level

    During the summer months, our gym sends progress reports home with the gymnasts each month. If a gynnnast competed level six this past year for example, it would include level six, level seven and level eight skills. Then the coach will indicate which skills the gymnast is working on, or can do...
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    For Parents Open Gym

    We no longer have open gym post Covid either. Now we have focused clinics only. Back handspring clinics, Kip clinics, etc.
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    For Parents Gymnastics after HS

    An Xcel diamond at our gym was recruited to do acro and tumbling in college next year. Club gymnastics is also a great option, as previously mentioned.
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    For Parents BRAG ALERT

    Huge accomplishment! Congratulations!!
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    Anon Message of hope…

    Congratulations to your daughter!! Way to Persevere!!
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    For Parents Region 5 leotard 2022

    We are in region five. Any gymnast who qualified to regionals at the state meet was required to pay for the regional leotard that same weekend. The leotards were sent to our gym who distributed them to the gymnasts. Our gym sent a link in order to order the T-shirt for the regional meet.
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    WAG Vault Scoring: Average or best of two?

    I agree. For DP, the best vault counts.
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    Anon Straps on bars

    My daughter recently came home from working on the strap bar and had very similar sores on both arms. She had rips on her wrists from the bars so the coach had her working on the strap bar instead. But came away with different sores from the strap bar. I didn’t realize there were different...
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    For Parents State Meets

    My DD is in the same boat. Just got the state schedule today and she is the only one from her gym in her session. She is very bummed about it. But it is also a great opportunity to have one on one time with her coach. And she likes the time of day that she starts. She will be done for the day...
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    I record all meets and always have. My girls enjoy watching them afterwards and will look for the deductions. DD1 more than DD2. Majority of family lives out of state so great way for them to see the girls do what they love.
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    For Parents Level 7 bar deduction??

    My daughter did her squat on at her state meet, let go of the low bar but then had to re-grab the bar and do a sole circle. She was told it was .3 deduction for having let go and then re-grasping the low bar. Not sure if that is accurate but that’s what she was told.
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    For Parents Level 7 bar deduction??

    I’m a parent to an Xcel Diamond and also a level 6. I do not believe there is a deduction for doing the skill. Other than perhaps form deductions? But will be curious how others respond. My XD does it every time.
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    For Parents Shorts at practice

    I have not noticed girls in our gym wearing shorts. Our gym did host a meet last month and there were quite a few girls from other gyms wearing shorts, which I was glad to see. Hopefully our gym will loosen their attire requirements.
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    Gold Over America Tour

    I took my daughters on Sunday. Afterwards I asked them to rate the show from 1 to 10. One daughter gave it an 11. The other daughter gave it a 100.