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    WAG Xcel gold floor question

    At our gym, we have a variety. Our gym's (not in the rules) requirements are that you have competed level 4, and be 13 or older by state. (this makes it so that all the little bitty girls don't have a custom routine to remember and they can push them into higher levels). So at our gym...
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    WAG White Leo Opinions

    Does anyone else’s gym have white competition leos? Ours are all white from the shoulders down and they’re terrible when you’re on your period, and they look good on no one. Our compulsories (the ones wearing the leo) range in age from 9-15, with a good majority of the gymnasts 12+. The...
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    WAG Floor Music Cuts?

    The best version I’ve found is Rachel Gowey’s 2020 floor music. It’s good news, and the best cut of it.
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    WAG Floor Music Cuts?

    Actually, I think I found a good version!
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    WAG Floor Music Cuts?

    Does anyone on here cut floor music for fun? I found I song I kinda like and there's a couple versions of it but they aren't great. I'm not sure if this is what I would pick but it sounds cool. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be fine too! (I've tried Audacity and...
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    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    At this point I feel like our coaches want us to either have back or front tuck dismounts, but maybe aerial dismounts at some point? I actually go for a front tuck and I don't go for either of the others so if I'm allowed to do that, I think that's what I'll do.
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    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    Thanks so much! We did them again on Tuesday and I was consistently landing them and it felt like I was less afraid of it so I went more up. Based on what you're saying, I think it was probably that I wasn't going up enough.
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    WAG How to start as an adult?

    It depends on the gym. Some more "elite" gyms either won't have this or it's more of a secondary program, but at our gym it's a lot more of a relaxed environment and you do 3 to 4 to 5 to xcel to 8+.
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    WAG How to start as an adult?

    Xcel isn't just for adults but they do have adult competitions. It's an alternative to the traditional JO levels (1-10 and elite). The levels are bronze (1-2), silver(3-4), gold (4-5), platinum(5-6), and diamond (7-8) You get your own routine and the skills can be customized to your ability...
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    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    Does anyone have any tips for a front tuck dismount on beam? I'll go for it but I can never land all the way on my feet, at best it's a low squat. My front tuck on floor is rarely landed but our coaches want us to do an end of beam dismount and I'll never go for a back tuck so this is my best...
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    WAG xcel Gold Questions

    Thanks so much, this was really helpful! I ended up with a mount I made up. It's basically face away from the beam, jump to sit, turn to a straddle sit thing, a bit of dance, and stand up on one leg, lever into a handstand. It sounds complicated but it's actually really pretty. Thanks for the...
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    For Parents Vault troubles

    Not a coach or anything, just a gymnast but I personally have problems with not stutter-stepping, and my coaches will constantly tell me that it doesn't matter which foot you hurdle with. So if it feels normal to her, it's probably not that big of a deal, as her feet come together once she hits...
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    WAG xcel Gold Questions

    Thanks so much! That was really helpful!
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    WAG beam starting value

    For gold you need another acro. The requirements are 2 acro (one must pass through vertical), a minimum of a 1/1 turn on one foot, a dance combo with a minimum of two skills (this would be a jump-jump or leap-jump), and a mount and dismount.
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    WAG Suggestions Needed!

    I'd love some floor music suggestions, please! I want music from 1:10-1:30. I'd don't have a super-specific type of music I want but I do have a few considerations. I'll be 14 when I compete this routine, and I'm very mature and tall for my age, so nothing cutesy or Disney. I'm not super...
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    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    I think when I was reading the code it said it would but I’m not entirely sure how you’d get out of that. Sounds it does though.
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    For Parents Compulsory Coach Bios

    In our gym, most of our rec coaches are 14-24 ish. Our main team coaches are 17, late-twenties, late-twenties, mid-forties, and mid-sixties. So it's normal for the coach to be young and keep in mind that coaching styles will vary.
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    For Parents Level 4 hours?

    For reference, I'm a level 4 and I go 9 hours a week (I also weight lift 4-5 hours a week). Level 4s in our group go anywhere from 8-12 hours a week.
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    WAG What is a Perfect Bridge in Gymnastics?

    During this bridge stretch, you can see the gymnast in the bad bridge photo has very inflexible shoulders and back, hence the bent arms and the way her shoulders are nowhere near her hands. The gymnast in the good bridge photo, on the other hand, has more flexible shoulders and back, allowing...