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  1. Celorah

    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    My daughter is 7 and in her 3rd year of gym- the moms in our group have formed a bond so the majority of us stay, but that’s mostly just to hang out with each other. My DD complains when I don’t stay or if I’m not paying enough attention to her at practice because I’m “too busy talking” lol. So...
  2. Celorah

    For Parents Open Gym

    Ours does not have open gym.
  3. Celorah

    For Parents Xcel Bronze Requirements??

    Every gym is different, mine doesn’t even have tryouts, they just invite from the regular classes. Remember that bronze can be very basic! My daughter competed with 2 cartwheels and a handstand as her tumbling her first year. I think our gym is looking for girls that are teachable more than...
  4. Celorah

    For Parents Too old ?

    That’s one thingI love about Xcel! Within reason (has to be allowed skills for that level) they can add upgraded skills to their routines as they get them and that’s super fun. My daughter got her round off back handspring mid season and she was allowed to put it in her routine the very next...
  5. Celorah

    For Parents Too old ?

    You have to compete at least one meet as silver and score at least a 31 all around score before competing gold :). It is possible to do one meet at silver then turn around and compete gold even the same weekend but that’s up to the gym!
  6. Celorah

    For Parents Too old ?

    Agreed, we competed Bronze against several teams that had older girls. Some gyms seemed to only have older girls and I wondered if they used xcel for the older ones and a compulsory track for girls that started younger.
  7. Celorah

    For Parents Do you record meets?

    I record every event at every meet and make little YouTube videos of them. Before her first meet she wanted to watch videos of other girls her age doing gymnastics and specifically wanted to watch meet videos- so I figure someone else might like to see videos of another kid like her- and I don’t...
  8. Celorah

    For Parents First meet this season!

    My DD is competing Xcel Bronze for the second year and it’s been so fun to see how she changed in a years’ time. Her routine is more challenging this year but she’s scoring well (for her) and she’s had higher placements so far as well. She just got her ROBHS and she competed it for the first...
  9. Celorah

    For Parents Training hours

    My 7 year old is in her second year of XCEL Bronze and has 4 hours of practice per week and does an extra 1-4 hours a month in privates. Our silvers (mostly 8 years and up) do 8 hours per week.
  10. Celorah

    For Parents 6 yo Xcel Bronze Questions

    Yes I come across those videos all the time and it makes me think...should she be doing all that stuff? But she can do everything in her routines and meets all the bronze requirements and that’s all that matters! I suspect she will do a 2nd year of bronze as she won’t be ready for the silver...
  11. Celorah

    For Parents 6 yo Xcel Bronze Questions

    My daughter is 6 and is competing xcel bronze this year and she is having so much fun! I think our gym has a good balance of teaching them how to do the skills properly to have success at the meets with at the same time not pressuring them too much at a young age. The older bronzes who already...
  12. Celorah

    For Parents Preteam

    I get your feelings, my daughter is 6 and in her first year competing as a bronze Xcel gymnast...the skills you describe are what she is now doing on team! It is hard not to compare to the other girls, especially with our team that has kids just starting out with team at age 8 and 9 that...