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  1. aerialriver

    WAG reputation?

    I recently placed an order through then and haven't even gotten a confirmation. Are they an honest good company? Can I get my $ back through PayPal if they don't respond? I find it odd that they don't provide a phone number to contact them. Had I known that prior I would not have ordered through...
  2. aerialriver

    WAG Gk discount place

    sorry name escapes me the GK discounter????? What's the name? And does anyone know if they take PayPal?
  3. aerialriver

    Double mini rules question

    I cannot for the life of me fine the book of rules for USAG T&T anywhere in my gym. We have a meet coming up and I want to compete level 9 on DM. I need to know if you can do 2 mounter passes or if you HAVE to do a spotter and a mounter pass. On the sheet it say 1 mounter pass required but...
  4. aerialriver

    Dilemma on level

    I'm feeling like this is probably my last year competing. On one hand I really want to go to National's and do well enough to place on the other hand I want to finish as a level 10. I can do a nice DD routine for level 9 that might compete well at National's. I can do min. DD level 10 routine. I...
  5. aerialriver

    WAG Other dangers from trampoline parks

    Besides the obvious of breaking your bones or getting paralyzed I have discovered a new danger of trampoline parks. Every day now I have a team gymnast say "Look what I can do now!" I'm like "OMG that was terrible! What was that? Where did you learn that????" of course the answer is the...
  6. aerialriver

    WAG Special needs kids In regular class?

    I have some questions. Please understand I am not coming from a mean, cold hearted stance. I had a new child try my rec. trampoline class tonight, he has cerebral palsy and ADHD. The Mother said he has no limitation and kind of tossed him in my class during the end of stretch with 8 other kids...
  7. aerialriver

    can you coach yourself at meets?

    I'm interested in going to Nationals next year. There is a good chance no one else will go and my coaches have family things that prevent them. Plus saving a ton of $ by not paying the fees/hotel/ food/airfare of a coach would be nice. I am a USAG coach myself. Can I go and be my own coach or...
  8. aerialriver

    nationals for 2015

    Did they happen to announce where they would be held? I know except for last year they did at match in.
  9. aerialriver

    WAG Woodward West questions

    Hello, I am going to woodward west for T&T. I will be coaching in exchange for training. I don't know if anyone here has ever coached there but I have some questions. I will be staying at the staff lodge. First is staff bedding provided or do I need to bring it? I don't know how I would fit...
  10. aerialriver

    WAG Knee question

    If you tear the ligaments in your knee can it happen over time or does it just tend to happen suddenly with one traumatic action?
  11. aerialriver

    WAG Gymnastics is really an odd sport!

    I just have to say after reading the Doc Ali threads and threads about if Doc Ali is good for 7 year olds and what not. This is one nutty sport where 7 year old need a sports psychologist to make it sanely through! Can you imagine that with softball? (OMG I'm terrified the ball will hit me in...
  12. aerialriver

    WAG Can we just make a sticky about backwards skills?

    Everyday I come to cb and there are several new posts regarding being afraid of backwards skills.Bwo. bwo on beam. Bhs. Bhs on beam. Back tuck. Back tuck on beam. FlyAway's. Giants. Etc. The answer is always its vestibular and don't obsess and give it time. Please just make a sticky!
  13. aerialriver

    WAG Well after running music all day yesterday....

    I have to say not only is the new compulsory music awful in it's entirety and having to go back and forth between peoples "selections" stinks. I personally want to thank whomever made the "violin" version of the level 3 music. The part where they do the hand stand tick tock thing where the...
  14. aerialriver

    WAG Holiday routines!

    I found out I am in charge of making all of the rec. kids holiday show routines! I am super excited but am also stuck. We can have the floor, and portable things like floor beams, aero boards, mats, props (hula hoops, hankerchiefs, cones etc.) but not much else as the gym has to be taken down...
  15. aerialriver

    WAG Summer camps

    Okay I know this is probably the most stupid question ever asked but for camps like Woodward and Flipfest are those gyms just built for camps? Do they offer gym classes during the rest of the year? Do they have teams or compete?
  16. aerialriver

    WAG Weird attire at worlds

    I love watching big comps online because in the US they pretty much only focus on the US competitors and run commercials. It was a strange site to see some of the things people wear from other countries! What is with the holes in shoulders leos? And the retro 80's beam shoes on floor and the...
  17. aerialriver

    WAG How you deal with fear

    Kind of a hijack of the punishment for fear thread in the parents forum. How do you as a coach deal with gymnasts fears? Or how does your coach deal with your fears as a gymnast? It got me thinking because one of my coaches make me run obscene amounts of laps. One night I probably ran 500 over...
  18. aerialriver

    Getting impatient! Are they ever going to decided on where Nationals 2014 are going to be?

    Rarr! I am getting annoyed now! Are they ever going to pick a place and announce where USAG T&T 2014 Nationals are going to be held? Maybe I am just used to being spoiled because every other year they announced the next years location at Nationals. This year I heard it was not yet decided and...
  19. aerialriver

    WAG Bummed about the Secret Classic coverage

    Ugh trying to watch the live coverage and it stinks! The video is all choppy and blurry and laggy. I wonder if they will be able to sort it out for the senior competition? What ever happened to being able to watch gymnastics on T.V.? :(
  20. aerialriver

    Next year's Nationals

    My teammate who is at Nationals told me they aren't going to announce where it is going to be held next year! Does anyone know why? And when will they announce it then?