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    For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    This is similar to my girl. She loves the event where her confidence is highest at the moment because she loves when she gets a new skill or conquers a fear. Vault has always been her most consistent though.
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    I record every event (except for the ones where I accidentally record the floor and then stop when it’s her turn. ) My husband doesn’t typically attend every meet so he likes to see them when we get home. I love looking back on them, especially level 3 - SO cute!
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    For Parents Gymnastics Summer Camps... Which One?

    My daughter will be going to her first camp this year. We chose one at University of Michigan because she’s a huge U of M fan and I thought it would be fun for her to train in their gym and meet some of the gymnasts. Hope it’s fun for her, we have no idea what to expect!
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    For Parents Just staring out with a 6 year old..

    How many days a week is enough/too much for a six-year-old just starting out? - I think 2 is sufficient and I would not do more than 3. The hours only increase and despite what you read, a child really can do great things with less hours when the coaching is good. Take your time and enjoy this...
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    For Parents Child A/B age groups??

    Age groups for each state meet will be different based on the number of kids in the level. The host gym of your state meet should have the info on a website. You could also confirm with your child's coach.
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    WAG Tank tops to practice

    A lot of our upper optionals wear the tank instead of leos to practice. I just assumed it was more comfortable.
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    WAG Talk to me about Vault Table height

    Definitely not going to be able to explain the mechanics, but I have definitely learned that the child's height alone does not determine table height. From my experience, it seems to be determined by the child's run (fast or slow), the way they hit the springboard and their block off the table...
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    For Parents Too late?

    This sounds like my state. Could the lack of improvement be due to the time of gym closures? I do think moving now would be very difficult and I'd stick it out through states and then start fresh for summer.
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    Both husband and I will get our 2nd in a couple of weeks. Feels great to finally have some solid way to protect myself rather than relying on others to follow safety guidelines. It also feels like a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Super sore arm, worse than flu or tetanus shot for me but...
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    For Parents Sever’s Stories

    We did lots of stretching (multiple times per day), iced it, x-braces for the gym and inserts for her tennis shoes. If she had pain at the gym then she skipped vault that day as well as tumbling if needed. We caught it right away (older brother had it during soccer so I recognized the signs...
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    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    Our gym has said that if we do have a season or attend meets then we'll just go with the sleeveless leo for this year. That way if things change last minute it won't be a lost year with an expensive comp leo (this was our year to get a new one.)
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    WAG Kip problem! Please help

    Doesn't your coach see you do it in the gym?
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    My kids are back (and my gymnast finally returns Wednesday- don't get me started on safety of school but not gymnastic.) Been back 2 weeks and so far so good. Spaced out, masks, block schedules for secondary (which the high school kids hate), tents outside for band and classes can be held...
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    For Parents It's happening!

    Michigan gymnasts are finally being allowed to return next Wednesday! Can't wait to tell my little gymnast!
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    For Parents Email from USAG this morning (Webinar: Tough Coaching vs. Emotional Abuse)

    Didn't get an email. I'm in Michigan though, and with our gym closed we haven't registered with USAG this year. Wonder if that's why I haven't received anything.
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    We've been burned so many times before so I use extreme caution with any "potential" good news. That said, if she does ipen them, the excitement from the girls in our gym will be felt for miles! They are SO sick of the parking lot. My little one got grips when we assumed they could return July...
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    Pools are closed and fall sports are on hold while the people in charge of high school sports try to get the Governor to open the sport facilities. As of now, absolutely no sports inside (gymnastics, swimming, diving, volleyball or competitive cheer) football, soccer and cross country can only...
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    That's the thing. She absolutely won't give any answers as to when they can open. She just avoids answering and says she's basing everything on the data and science (which she clearly isn't.) My daughter's gym is in an area that has less than a 2% positive test rate. Fitness gyms won a case...
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    This is week 24 for us. Governor said yesterday she has no intention of reopening anything. Now that schools are opening I imagine our #'s will increase which will be the nail in the coffin for gymnastics in our state. It's utterly heartbreaking. Governor had started a regional reopening in...
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    Especially since most of the state has a test positivity rate less than 3% and has for a month. Gymnastics facilities in northern MI have been open since the beginning of June so we have a safe model of what to do, the Governor just won't budge. I don't know how these businesses can sustain 6...