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  1. Blackie6

    WAG Need some meet suggestions near New Jersey.

    We have been to all of these. I think Star Struck in AC ( next weekend) was suggested. Big meet, nice venue, nice leo gift. It's a favorite for my daughter, but always a disaster for me driving in the snow
  2. Blackie6

    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    I pretty much figured out the selection was made prior to Trials when Tim D (who just nauseated me both nights) kept saying "she just cemented her ticket to the Olympics" and we watched the camera follow Gabby to the water cooler! My daughter also saw the same B & W team picture! It was...
  3. Blackie6

    For Parents Does your child have a 'fallback' sport?

    Mine used to do dive team in the Summer in addition to travel softball. Our community pool removed the diving boards due to insurance & pool repairs last year so now we are juggling only softball and 16 hrs of gymnastics practice. She has been doing both for so many years she knows how to make...
  4. Blackie6

    WAG Grips buckle vs Velcro

    LOL, just ordered a new pair for my DD (L8) and she likes the buckles. Her first pair was a buckle, but next pair she tried was velcro. I think she thought she was missing out on something becasue it was what some of the other girls had. Didn't like them and the strip actually ripped about...
  5. Blackie6

    WAG Can I post this? 3yr old gymnast on Ellen

    The new generation of Cray Cray! I hope mom has a good Orthopedist!
  6. Blackie6

    For Parents Does your gymmie stick to the same brand of grips?

    DD's first few paisr were Hot Shots. When she switched gyms, she got Ten-O (buckle) and have had them ever since. However, because I feel like I am replacing them more often than usual (extra wear doing HS gymnastics and club) I actually ordered a new brand, from Ginnasta, just in case she...
  7. Blackie6

    For Parents Live Scoring App...BTS Changes

    SAD to say I am also confused this year with BTS (Loved it last year) and my daughter can not be added on as a "Favorite" because for some reason when I look at the gym name her name is not there to be selected even though she competed for them all last year. I admit to not being techie about...
  8. Blackie6

    For Parents why do some parents record all kids' scores?

    It's fun, in the begining, like in L4. Honestly now 8 yrs later I hardly even get my own daughter's scores, LOL
  9. Blackie6

    For Parents What have you experienced with rehab after fracture?

    My 14 yr old DD (L8) suffered a boxers fracture in her hand in June during travel softball tournament when she took a fast pitch to the hand while at bat. She was super brave when the Ortho popped the bone (hand, bone below pinky) back into place without being sedated. She was casted one week...
  10. Blackie6

    For Parents How to tell a coach that your level 7 gymnast daughter is switching to another gym

    The gym world is very small. They probably already know she is leaving. I would finish up month and send email to owner.
  11. Blackie6

    WAG Comeback after 2 years?

    My daughter "retired" for about 8 months, came back, re-gained most of her skills back and is more passionate about gymnastics than she has ever been. Just do it!
  12. Blackie6

    WAG Second Level 10 Meet 9.85 on Floor

    I never get tired of watching your daughter, thanks for sharing.
  13. Blackie6

    WAG Is this the norm for training in the TOPs, Hopes & Elite Community???

    Yikes! I bet that is Coach Vic Vickerman's gym! Run!
  14. Blackie6

    For Parents I think I need a little help understanding it all......

    I read alot of great advice. Then, the nonsense began and I stopped reading, so sorry if this has been written already. My daughter is starting her 8th year of gymnastics & is a (13 yr) L8. Couple things to add. The worst rip my daughter got was showing off on playground equiptment when she was...
  15. Blackie6

    WAG Beginning of season goals

    Starting her 7th year in Jan. The goal is not to get injured. That's it.
  16. Blackie6

    For Parents The cupcake Gym

    This is really something that mostly the younger girls do. When they get older, maybe they just bring in some munchkins, cookies or fruit. Near-by my daughter's gym there is a Pretzel Co & sometimes the mom will bring in those. Really, a cup cake here or there to celebrate is no big deal to us...
  17. Blackie6

    Gymnast or Coach or Parent ???

    I put creepy lurker. I hate to be lumped in with the "regulars" since I am really not on much and you left out CGM as an option.
  18. Blackie6

    For Parents How do you feel about youtube?

    Nope, I stopped putting stuff up there because people (and other kids) are plain cruel when they comment. I know my setting can be "private" but I just put stuff on my FB page for my family and friends. It's getting to the people I want to share with, and after so many years, half the time I am...
  19. Blackie6

    For Parents A bit confused huge brag;)

    Hi Sara, welcome to the CB! We have friends who had a DD "picked out" at age 3, she is a talented 7 year old L5 now. I believe it was just an observation of flexibility, willingness to try things without fear, taking directions & corrections, and some strength. I imagine any coach who has been...
  20. Blackie6

    For Parents gymnastics for kids with gross motor coordination issues

    Gymnastics is the ABSOLUTELY the best sport you could put her into! My daughter was born emergency C-Section after my uterus ruptured. She was severely hypoxic, had reflux, and was diagnosed initially with CP. She was on an apnea monitor for the1st year. She had OT, PT, Speech, and feeding...