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    MAG NGA Start Values

    Hi - Our gym is doing NGA this season, and we would like to understand the scoring and how the start values are calculated, since this is more like optional format. I have a good understanding of vault and pommell, but not the other things, and DS is confused too. He wants to understand the...
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    WAG Round off vs twisting direction

    Hello All - I have read all the other threads on this topic - it has been discussed a lot but no consensus I think. Wanted to get some input from people who have faced this situation and how they resolved it ? DS has right round off and left twisting. He has done 2 years comp gymnastics and 2...
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    MAG Modified Optionals for boys ?

    With the new rules, our gym said they are doing something called modified optionals for boys team program silver which is like level 4 gold which is like level 5 and platinum after that Does anyone have any more details regarding the modified optionals, is it similar to the compulsory levels...
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    MAG Number of hours for boys per age

    Hi All - Wanted some input on how many hours the boys are doing and how long the sessions are. My 10 year old was level 5 last year and did 3 hours 4x per week = 12 hours which worked out pretty well. He also did 2 hours 2x per week of TnT. We moved and looking at the new Gyms, the options...