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    WAG High Performance Coordinator Elimination

    So, I came across this article on NBC Sports about how USA Gymnastics is eliminating the High-Performance Coordinator and dividing the position into three positions. I didn't see anything on USA Gymnastics website about this, seems like a big...
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    WAG American Cup

    It just occurred to me that there was no American Cup this year, was that a Covid thing?
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    OT Gymnastics Commentary

    Every once in a while I bring this up, but who else is tired of Tim and Nastia? I see what Johnny and Tara have done for figure skating commentary and I wish we had someone like that. Their commentary is not just entertaining but informative and technical. Tim and Nastia spend most of their...
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    WAG Valieva vs Raducan

    This issue with the figure skater Valieva reminded me a lot of Raducan's situation in 2000. Does anyone remember why was the Romanian team allowed to keep their team medal and why was Raducan allowed to continue to compete?
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    WAG Skills you would like to see more of?

    I'm always amazed at how underutilized the code of points is. I am longing for a gymnast to come along and distinguish herself by doing something unique. What are some skills you'd like to see more of this quad? I would like to see some tsukahara doubles on vault, the US has lost the advantage...
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    WAG 2021 World Championships

    Anyone ready to talk about worlds? Are any of the Olympic team planning to stick around for Worlds? I think Jade should so she can get a chance to do her triple double on floor. Also it doesn't appear we have anyone ready to step up and compete for a vault medal. I was thinking Skye Blakely...
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    WAG New National Team Coordinator

    I was surprised to discover that the Russians and Americans had the same total team start value, 68.8. Of course that's counting the 1.5 Yurchenko for Simone. So we totally lost this on execution. I think the Americans have been increasingly getting lax in terms of execution. I was never a fan...
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    WAG Are the USA Juniors ready to take over?

    Do we have a team of Juniors ready to step in after the 2020(1) Olympics or will it be like the let down after 1996? This will be the first generation that didn't come up under Marta.
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    WAG Jade Carey question

    Does Jade have to compete at Nationals or Trials as she has already qualified for the Olympics?