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    For Parents 13 yr old wants to quit

    I appreciate your response! I know she will get bored quickly. I just need to let go and let her find her way. She is so athletic, she is good at everything she tries.
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    For Parents 13 yr old wants to quit

    Thanks - I know this is the obvious choice and what my husband said too. I’m just sad, but I don’t want to force HER decision. I did tell her we need to explore and find a new sport or several to try and see what she would like to do. I like my kids to stay active. I reached out to a cheer...
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    For Parents 13 yr old wants to quit

    I need help, my daughter wants to quit gymnastics. I told her she had to finish the summer and attend her team summer camp for a week, then we could talk. At the end of last season her coach quit to take a new job, my daughter was heartbroken. We have been through that before, even switching...
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    For Parents Update - possible change but long commute - input appreciated!

    I just happened to fall into this convo while looking at what “Optional Prep” was really prepping for. Is “Optionals” the USAG team? My girl has been in AAU Xcel silver for a couple years (1 season no meets due to Covid). We did REC for years and my DD self taught herself lots of skills at home...