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  1. sun

    For Coaches Grip damage question

    The top part of her wrist guard is peeling a little.. is this normal? Too worn and should be replaced?
  2. sun

    For Coaches Why do bad coaches win meets?

    My head coach brags to me about not needing to lesson plan for her Xcel Diamond/Platinum groups, winging it is enough. When I'm out and she subs for JO, I give her a lesson plan, and she will reuse a single day's lesson plan for months. One gymnast did her first ever double pike (never tried...
  3. sun

    For Coaches annual compulsory state meet brag

    had a fun time at state this year with the lv4s :D we didn't place as well (18T of 77 compared to 7/73), but our team score was comprised of all 2nd year 4's last year, and all 11 of our 4's this year are first years, so I'm pretty happy bars was pretty great, we went from an 8.9 averg with 16...
  4. sun

    Hello :)

    New to the forums, I'm 21 years old, I've been coaching for ~5 years, with the majority of that being girls' Lv.3-5 in California. I'm now coaching at Golden Bear Gymnastics in Berkeley, CA and have been really excited about learning and improving my coaching recently. Anyone have any good book...