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  1. Splat

    For Coaches Needing coaching advice

    So I am graduating from college this year and my plan has always been to leave my job coaching and get a job in my degree. I have been pretty burnt out coaching this year and have honestly been looking forward to the new career path. However, I just learned that our upper level coach is leaving...
  2. Splat

    WAG Anwsers Finally

    So after fracturing my foot over a year ago and going through the healing process. I started having pain and most doctors have told me that the main was in my head. I then rolled my ankle around 3 months ago. I went to a chiropractor for other reasons and ended up getting x-rays, that showed...
  3. Splat

    WAG Gymnastics statistics

    I'm working on a research paper and was wondering if anyone knew what percentage of gymnastics gyms fail or if you knew where I could find that information?
  4. Splat

    WAG Gymnastics Project

    I posted this on a different for, but figured it would fit in here too. I am currently going to HutchCC for Business Management. I am a part of their Honors Program and have received the opportunity to complete a special Honors project. Due to my interests involving gymnastics and business I...
  5. Splat

    For Coaches College Project Gym Information needed

    I am currently going to HutchCC for Business Management. I am a part of their Honors Program and have received the opportunity to complete a special Honors project. Due to my interests involving gymnastics and business I have decided to create a project on the economics of gymnastics. For this...
  6. Splat

    WAG Gymnastics Economics

    I have received the opportunity to work on a big project for college my Freshman year. I have chosen to do it on the economics of gymnastics and gymnastic gyms. I am still early in the planning process and the requirements are very vague. I was wondering if anyone had any information on anything...
  7. Splat

    WAG HELP with team

    Are level 1 team consist of only 5 girls two are repeaters and the others are new. One of the new gymnast mentioned today after taking a week off that she wants to quit, because gymnastics is too hard and she wants to do the harder skills. She is a bigger built girl and she definitely has to...
  8. Splat

    WAG Grip/Wristband problems

    I currently have double buckle grips and recently the metal part of the grip has started to really hurt/irritate my wrist. I have tried washing my wristbands to get the chalk out and that helps, but only for a day. I have tried taping my wrist then putting a wristband on top which has helped so...
  9. Splat

    WAG Confidence issues?

    A few months ago I landed on my head doing a FHSFT while doing a routine. I have been checked out and I'm physically fine. Since then I have almost stopped doing the tumbling pass. With help from my coaches we have broke it down and worked on it in parts. I can usually do it with someone...
  10. Splat

    WAG Platinum Beam

    I with support from my coaches have change my series of cartwheel BWO to BHS. We just had our second meet and upon receiving a low score my coach was told I'm missing an A element. My routine consist of a mount, switch leap, full turn, split jump tuck jump, back handspring, back gainer. Is it...
  11. Splat

    WAG First Gymnastics Meet

    MY gym just had their first gymnastics meet last weekend and we have another one this weekend. The girls on my team were very negative going into the meet and weren't expecting to do well. They did fairly well and scored in the mid 8s on most events and many did skills that they had been...
  12. Splat

    WAG ten-o leotards

    I am looking in to getting a ten-o leotard as they are pretty cheap. I usually wear GK leotards and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the ten-o brand.
  13. Splat

    WAG Level 7

    Before reading any of this I would like to say I don't know much about level 7. Would any on these skills work in a routine and what extra stuff would be needed to met minimum requirements Beam: leap-switch leap, straddle jump-tuck jump, gainer dismount. Floor: would it be possible to do...
  14. Splat

    WAG Cheetah cup question

    My mom recently bought me the cheetah cup which was recommend to me by my doctor after a bad heel injury. I have only used it once but their were some small problems. The brace when I land skills sometimes slides up. is there anything to help with that, I have heard to tape it which might help...
  15. Splat

    WAG Rips

    I am currently looking for a news article or book about rips. Does anyone know of any? It doesn't have to be limited to just gymnastics
  16. Splat

    WAG Gymnastics Injuries

    I'm currently working on a research paper about gymnastics injuries. The main injuries I plan on focusing on are, wrist sprains, Achilles tendon injuries, ACL injuries, and Spondylolysis. If you or your gymnast have experienced any of these please put your story below or if you know of any other...
  17. Splat

    WAG Xcel Platinum Requirements

    I just moved to xcel Platinum and I'm wondering if these routines would have a 10.0 start value Vault: half on-half off Half on-full off Bars: kip, cast, clear-hip, squat on, kip, cast, clear-hip, tuck flyaway Beam: leap switch leap, full turn...
  18. Splat

    WAG OU gymnastics camp

    I'm going to the OU gymnastics camp this year along with 2 other girls from my gym. I'm a little nervous because I know I am a little old to be in level 4/training level 5. Plus the other 2 girls are a higher level than me so I most likely won't be with them. Has anyone been this year yet or is...
  19. Splat

    WAG Moving up

    I am currently a level 4 gymnast but I'm working hard to get to level 5 next year. I am working lots of level 5 skills and some 6 and 7. My question is what skills do you think a gymnast needs to move to level 5. Since summer is just starting I have a bit of time to work on skills before...
  20. Splat

    WAG Goals

    State is three weeks away I'm super excited and it's our home meet!!! Our season is almost over and I would like to start a goal book/journal. I would like to start it this year that way by next year I will have a good start. I was wondering what to include in this book/journal?