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  1. 3cats

    For Parents Last Day at Gym - Bullied by Coach

    This happened when my daughter stopped artistic gymnastics as well. My daughter announced she was leaving through an email after she took a couple days off to gather her thoughts. Then a week later she went in to gym to say goodbye to her teammates and coaches and clean out her locker. The head...
  2. 3cats

    For Parents 13 year old just quit

    I am sorry to hear that your daughter felt pressure to quit her sport because of an unsupportive and what sounds like a downright hateful atmosphere. Let her know that the gymnastics community is large and maybe a better fit for her sport is at a different gym. But if that gym left an...
  3. 3cats

    WAG Not the popular kid/bullying

    I am so sorry to hear they are struggling. As parents we all want to go in there and fix these issues to help a child and teach them that they are worth fighting for. And your child is. My take is that in this particular place it sounds like the issues are systematic and not just related to the...
  4. 3cats

    For Parents 5 Sports To Try After Gymnastics!

    My daughter quickly transitioned to golf and Tumbling & Trampoline. She then added school cheer. She is also going to try a season of track before she begins high school next year. Middle school allows for more freedom and variety in school athletics. Once she gets to high school she will need...
  5. 3cats

    WAG Tnt gymnastics

    Meet results aren't listed the way artistic gymnastics meets are. The best way I know to find results is to figure out which meets the gym attended. Some of the meet hosts or meet websites will have past meet scores listed there. Especially if it was a big meet. Also I believe the USAG T&T...
  6. 3cats

    For Parents Do you record meets?

    Yup! All of them, every event, even now that she is in T&T. It was a tradition when she was little to watch them later with family who didn't attend the meets. Now I send them to her afterwards so she can watch them. I think that we are ending this stage as she is starting to get her coaches or...
  7. 3cats

    For Parents Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    My daughter moved on to school cheer and T&T and loves it. And in the end, after a period of (my) transition, I'm so glad she left gymnastics bc she has so much fun in cheer. And gymnastics prepared her really well for Cheer. Most of her old gymnastics teammates have now retired too, but they...
  8. 3cats

    OT Congrats To Simone Biles! (She Said YES... engagement)

    I'm so happy for her! They seem like a great couple and very much in love.
  9. 3cats

    For Parents Bone bruise

    I know bone bruises can take a long time to heal, my daughter had one after over extending her knee once, and I know that foot injuries are also super stubborn to heal as well. They rarely get rested for long, and can have less blood flow to the area. When she rested over break was she in a...
  10. 3cats

    For Coaches Why do bad coaches win meets?

    You may be competing against some teams that train like your head coach/xcel coach. It can bring in some short term profits. Also if you recently took over this program it will take a year or 2 for your results to materialize. I'm not a coach. Just a parent. I believe there needs to be a...
  11. 3cats

    NCAA Perfect 10 Thread & College Gymnastics Scoring Discussion

    I think you can see the biggest difference and inflated scoring is between Div 1 and and div 2 teams, and top div 1 teams and secondary div 1 teams. Often very similarly performed routines are scored differently enough to notice. And while the depth on a div 2 team may not be a great as a div...
  12. 3cats

    NCAA colleges with T&T gymnastics

    Also, I'm so excited I checked out the site today. So many T&T questions! I haven't had too many threads to contribute here for a while. :)
  13. 3cats

    NCAA colleges with T&T gymnastics

    There is 1 college trying to set a team up? I cannot remember who, but I'll try to look more on it. Acro and Tumbling has quite a few universities and is a good fit for Tumbling and Trampoline gymnasts. Also, and this is the most important, many many T&T athletes do not stop when college starts...
  14. 3cats

    WAG Tnt gymnastics

    Yes, you can enter all the way to level 7 without scoring out. It would be at your gyms discretion. My daughter stopped artistic gymnastics when she was training level 8 and jumped right into level 7 for all the events for T&T. T&T is different then gymnastics. And even though she had some...
  15. 3cats

    TNT gymnastics thread

    There isn't anymore. My dd is T&T so if you have a question or want to just discuss how awesome it is, feel free to chat away!
  16. 3cats

    For Parents First meet this season!

    DD is in T&T, but they don't have a T&T subboard anymore. So I'll reply here. She does all 3 events. Level 8 for tumbling. And debuting this year level 9 for Double Mini and Trampoline. First meet her level 8 passes looked really good for tumbling. And she even had a couple coaches come over...
  17. 3cats

    For Parents What sport did your gymnast do in HS if there isn't a gymnastics team?

    My daughter isn't in hs yet, but she plans to continue cheer and golf there. Both things she took up after stopping artistic gymnastics. She also does T&T.
  18. 3cats

    For Parents Brand new and worried about choosing the wrong gym

    My daughter was at a strictly rec gym until right before she started KG. And she was competing level 3 by 1st grade. I love that she started at a super fun gym with no pressure to move on or up. Bc once she started at the competitive gym the pressure starts to build. I think you have the right...
  19. 3cats

    OT What do you watch for stress relief/laughs?

    @bogwoppit Have you watched Sailing Uma's channel on YouTube. Seriously start at step one (Don't buy a Couch) and just watch those two rebuild a boat and sail around the world with it. I love to watch 2 or 3 episodes of them to relax. I also like another YouTube channel called Meditation...
  20. 3cats

    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    I want to add that a "healthy" diet can be a very loaded word. I think it is better to say balanced diet. I think saying make balanced food choices. I love my treats I also love the way I feel after a workout when I've had good proteins and fats to help nourish my body and let it recover after...