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  1. emmagraced31

    WAG Hips twisting in aerials

    Hi I’m a former gymnast and a dancer who has been working on improving my side aerials and front aerials! My hips keep twisting and don’t want to stay square when I land my aerials do you have any tips or drills that might help this problem? I know I have naturally super flexible hips not sure...
  2. emmagraced31

    WAG Front aerial help

    Hi, I’m a dancer and I’ve been working on getting my front aerial on the ground... my back is very flexible and can arch a lot but for some reason when I attempt my front aerial my back doesn’t arch and my hips close which makes no sense cause I’m very flexible and I have a solid front...
  3. emmagraced31

    WAG Hyperextending knee in front aerial

    Today I was at the cheer gym I go to working on front aerials on the tumble track onto the big pillow mat. This is the first time I’ve ever worked on front aerials. so I was doing them and at first wasn’t landing them then towards the end I started doing them and I kinda landed on my heal and...
  4. emmagraced31

    WAG Side Aerial struggles

    Hey everyone! My friend told me to try a different approach with my arms in my side Aerial and I was doing my aerial with my arms in before and tried it with my arms out instead and did it 2x without a problem then lost it so I think it’s just consistency and I’m going to work on practicing it...
  5. emmagraced31

    WAG Side Aerial struggles

    Thanks! I’ll try that!
  6. emmagraced31

    WAG Side Aerial struggles

    She doesn’t know what I’m doing wrong and just says I need more practice and thinks that will fix it but now it’s became a bad habit so I’m not sure what I should do and how to fix it. I am getting enough height so that’s not the problem I think it’s just my elbow keeps dropping. I do it fine on...
  7. emmagraced31

    WAG Side Aerial struggles

    Hi everyone! In the beginning of the summer I got my side Aerial and then lost it. Now I have it but I keep putting one elbow down when I land it and no one can figure out what I’m doing wrong! It’s really frustrating cause I have my side Aerial but whenever I do it I bruise my elbow it’s just...
  8. emmagraced31

    having trouble with my standing backhandspring

    I would try reaching back further and also work on strengthening your arms and make sure they are also together. A drill I used to work on was popping my harms off the wall and then for your legs I would work on and keeping them together and snapping them do at the end. You want to to try and be...
  9. emmagraced31

    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    Yes thank you sm! ❤️
  10. emmagraced31

    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    Is it better to run into it?
  11. emmagraced31

    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    Hey guys! I'm a dancer and a former gymnast! a few months ago I got my side aerial but then lost it from not practicing. Ever since I have been working really hard trying to get it back! I finally can do it off a panel mat folded up but can't seem to land it without one elbow going down and...