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  1. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Late meet registration

    Do you guys think it’s possible to register for meets after the registration is over?? Do gyms offer some sort of sympathy for later-joiners or gym movers??
  2. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Xcel age range

    Typically, for a Xcel competiton, what age range is junior b?
  3. helllllooooooooo

    WAG beam starting value

    What is the starting value for this Xcel gold beam routine?: bw split jump, beat jump Full turn Front tuck dismount I have some little dance poses too.
  4. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Leap approach…

    Another deduction question: are approaches to leap passes generally noticed?? Do you HAVE to do the chasse and step?
  5. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Which skill is more likely to obtain deductions?

    A side aerial or a front tuck??
  6. helllllooooooooo

    WAG kips

    should a student have a solid straight leg pullover before kipping, or should kips AND pullovers be learnt and perfected at the same time?
  7. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Meet question

    Sorry about my activeness, I have lots of questions my gym doesn’t really specify. What is in-house and out-house? If I change my mind before the season starts, can I switch to the other (ex. in to out)? I’m pretty sure lots of the other girls are doing out-house. I’m curious.
  8. helllllooooooooo

    WAG opinions? (Tumbling)

    I’d like to try to get my rbhsbt sooner than later. I have my round off double backhandspring down well. I can do a round off back tuck on rod floor. Is this a reasonable request for this season???
  9. helllllooooooooo

    WAG rod floor to spring floor

    how different is it?
  10. helllllooooooooo

    WAG beam skills

    Which is easier on beam: back walkover or cartwheel?
  11. helllllooooooooo

    WAG bt to bhsbt

    once you get a bt, is it easy to do a bhsbt?
  12. helllllooooooooo

    WAG xcel routines

    if you are competing a simple routine for an xcel level this season, would you be able to move up levels if you do well with a simple routine?
  13. helllllooooooooo

    WAG back tuck required for xcel gold?

    This is just a general question. Is it normally required?