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  1. J

    having trouble focusing on vault

    While practicing my FHS vault I get distracted so easily while running down the runway. The runway is in between the tumble trak and a bunch of beams parallel to the runway and it is hard not to watch people while running down the runway which is affecting my vaults. On beam I find mentally...
  2. J

    Full Turn in Tuck Stand

    I want to learn how to do this. How would I go about doing this? (Video of the skill- This person does it about half way through into a middle split: YouTube - Maria Filatova 1977 Europeans EF Beam) I'm just wondering because I tried quite a few and make it about 3/4 around but my knee is...
  3. J

    USAG Membership

    I'm wondering whether you can the tests for judging even if you don't have a USAG Professional Membership... If so, how long does it take to process it? (the USAG website says the membership isn't valid till your number appears online or something like that which should happen after they are...
  4. J

    Some Questions...

    Hello ^^ I'm am currently studying for the levels 5/6 & levels 7/8 tests... I want to clarify...can you take both tests in the same testing year? If so, can you take both exams at the same time? If you pass the level 5/6 test...does that mean you can also judge levels 1-4 as well? I'm...
  5. J

    Y-scale & B skills

    A Y-scale is an A skill, right? Does going on your toes while doing it or having your leg as close to your body/face change that at all? I'm a prep. op. competing at YMCA nationals this year and thus my routines have to meet the requirements of the state it's hosted in and I'm missing a B...
  6. J

    deduction for lack of height in back tuck?

    I'm a prep op and during this last meet, I did most of my routine really well but then on the last pass I totally messed up (compared to usual-usually the round-off bhs back tuck is no problem for me). I barely landed my back tuck because it was so low and I'm sure it had other problems. Yet I...
  7. J

    FHS Full Vault

    I want to learn a fhs full vault for next season. Right now, my coaches are having me do fhs half vaults. However, I start twisting before my hands leave the table which, even without the coach's clarification, I know is wrong. I know logically when to twist and what to do, but the vault...
  8. J

    Tumbling Issues

    My coach said last night that while my tumbling skills themselves are fine, my form is sloppy as of late *bent legs & separated legs mostly*. In other words, I wasn't tumbling at my full potential and strength (specifically on the ro-bhs-back tuck). However, my back tuck is pretty high despite...
  9. J

    Sole Circles

    I been looking at what else beside a giant that I could possibly do for level 7 next year (hopefully!) or at some point. I know clear hips...but mines are kind of sloppy (the coaches are being kind of confusing about it...I don't get how to do the "drop the shoulders aggressively" part...then...
  10. J

    Roundoff Dismount Progressions

    What are the progressions for doing a roundoff back salto dismount on beam? I just recently got my roundoff on the low beam and changed my current routine to a cartwheel (from my knee) backtuck dismount-which I fall off on way less than what I had before in my routine, although I know I throw...
  11. J

    Trying to get somewhere with the press handstand

    I can do the press handstand on the wall with ease. And for the few spots I had with them, it was quite easy too. So now what? I can't do them alone yet. I tried elevating my feet so that my hips are above my head, but that doesn't help. It feels like I need to lean forward more, but if I do...
  12. J

    Side Cartwheel on Beam...

    Side Cartwheel on Beam... is that possible? How about a Dive Side Cartwheel? I tried it on floor and it seems workable... If it is possible what's the value?
  13. J

    Handstand Straddle Down ~ Beam

    I have a handstand straddle down in my beam routine and I'm having problems... I fall off around 75% of the time and is costing me in meets. I cartwheel into it, and I think that's the main problem since I can't cartwheel into handstand hold very well anymore like I used to. When I just simply...
  14. J

    2 questions...

    1) Do you get deducted for bending your arms during a twisting jump? (I do a 3/2 straight jump in my floor rountine & bend my arms...) 2) How do I become tighter and gain better form in my skills? I recently watched a video of myself and I was somewhat amazed at the scores I get with all those...
  15. J

    lvl 7 beam

    I want to make it to lvl 7 next year so I already have been thinking about possible routines, skills, etc and trying them out. I know the requirements but: 1) Is a scale, reach down into frontwalkover-roundoff a valid arco series? 2) Is a full turn from knee an A or B value skill? Thanks.
  16. J

    Deduction for?

    I noticed, especially on floor, before and after saluting and starting their routinues, people walk on there toes or something fancy like that. Is that required/Do you get a deduction for not doing so? I'm assuming no because at all the meets I been to, I never seen anyone do so. Also, for...
  17. J

    FHS Vault: Preflight

    What am I doing wrong on the FHS vault (pretty sure it has to do with the preflight)... When I vault, it feels like I go really high during the preflight, but by the time I contact the vault, it feels like I don't block as high as I used to. My mom noticed that my block seems more longer than...
  18. J

    Back Layout

    Anyone got any tips for the roundoff-bhs-backlayout tumbling pass? My ro-bhs-back tuck is really good-and all my coaches say that I should be doing layouts. I can do them on the tumbletrack and on floor, but apparently I arch into it or something. My coaches tell me to stay hollow...any tips on...
  19. J

    2 Bars Questions

    1) How do I connect my clear hip and kip, I can't seem to do that without cheating... and what are some drills and whatnot I can do for it? 2) I read somewhere about a clear front hip, out of cuiousity, what does it look like?
  20. J


    Hiya. :) I'm Juni, a teen gymnast who hopes to be a lvl 7 next year. *wonders what else to say*