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    Hi everyone! I have a few questions about back walkovers. I can do the splits, a front walkover, and a backbend kickover. When I go into my back walkover, I can do the first part where I do a backbend on one foot but then I can't kick over from there immediately when my foot hits, but when I...
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    Front Walkovers

    I'm a baton twirler for my high school (I perform as the feature twirler of my school's marching band during halftime shows at football games). Next year I hope to do basic tumbling/gymnastics on the turf during the performances. I can do really easy, basic tricks like cartwheels, front...
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    Front/Back Walkovers, Splits Flexibility

    Hi! For a front walkover, I keep putting my phone down in the middle/towards the end of when I am standing up. How do you keep your foot from touching the ground when you are coming up? I can do a front limber also. For a back walkover, I can do a backbend kickover on the floor. However, how...
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    Going on toes in backbend stand ups + FRONT WALKOVERS

    1. I go on releve (in dance) or on my tippy toes every time I stand up from a bridge. Is there any way to change this? i think it looks sloppy. 2. How do you kick over with straight legs? I can kick over with bent legs and I can only do it if i push off in this weird way.. I cannot tendu (in...
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    Kickovers!!! (urgent)

    Okay, so I have to get my backbend kickover by next week because my gym coach is doing a test for all of us and I really want to stay at this level of class. I can do it on a hill and off a bed. I have gotten it like 2-3 times already in the past few months and lost it each time. I'm pushing...
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    Back Problems

    Hi! I'm an acro dancer who does regular contortion and gymnastics in dance. After doing things like backbends or anything that involves arching my back, if I don't do something to keep my back warmed for like 5 minutes, it starts to get sore if I try to even lean back. Is this normal or is this...
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    Aerial Problems

    Hey guys! Side aerials have always been my dream skill. I can do a solid cartwheel and have been working on perfecting it with straight legs, pointed toes, straight arms, and a big straddle for a while now. My next step has been wanting to do a side aerial. However, when attempting a dive...
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    Cartwheels and Front Limbers

    Hi! I have a few questions about cartwheels and front limbers. Thank you so much for taking your time to read/answer these questions! 1) Is there a trick to keeping your legs straight besides pointing your toes and really practicing a lot? I make sure to lunge forward and practice a lot and try...
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    Beginner skill questions?

    Hi everyone! I'm an acro dancer, so I am incorporating tumbling skills into different dance styles (I'm a boy btw). I have several questions (I'm a COMPLETE beginner!): 1. For cartwheels, do you guys have any tips? I can't really seem to kick over my head. 2. For handstands, I always kick too...