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  1. Pigeon

    WAG Sylvia P leos

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sylvia P competition leos with the built in shelf bra? Thoughts?
  2. Pigeon

    MAG Men's college recruiting - Academies vs Other Colleges

    My son is entering his sophomore year in high school, so he's starting to think more seriously about college gymnastics. He's currently really interested in the Naval Academy or West Point. What are the real differences between recruiting for colleges vs. the academies?
  3. Pigeon

    MAG Regional Allotments for Nationals

    Looks like the regional allotments for Nationals have been posted: The table is at the very end of the PDF. The PDF was posted on the nationals website, under Coaches Information.
  4. Pigeon

    MAG Start Values?

    @skschlag 's posting of start values from the Meet Day thread got me thinking...Do start values change from level to level? Is a start value of a level 8 routine equivalent to a start value in a level 9 or 10 routine or are there differences?
  5. Pigeon

    MAG The "scoop" on Level 7?

    Our gym will be competing level 7 for the first time in many years (they used to just go from 6 to 8). So what's the deal with 7? Base skills? What bonuses to boys tend to compete? What are the tough skills to get? Scoring differences from 5/6? Thanks!
  6. Pigeon

    WAG Compulsory judges, help me settle an argument!

    I'm not even going to go into the back argument here, but... Compulsory judges, this is all about starting position on floor. My understanding is this: Right-handed gymnasts should start to the right of the judges table on the floor, left-handed gymnasts start to the left side of the...
  7. Pigeon

    MAG shoulder flexibility - MAG

    Some questions about shoulder flexibility in men's gymnastics... YDS (just turned 8) has finished level 4 season and they are starting to work on level 5 skills...high bar kip, front handspring, etc. The coach mentioned the other night that he has tight shoulders and will need to work on...
  8. Pigeon

    MAG Men's Elite stream vs. JO?

    Could someone help me understand how the "elite" program works with JO in men's gymnastics? This comes from a comment I heard from someone on the girls side of our gym about our boys program basically stating that any of our boys team results in JO level 10 weren't really all that impressive...
  9. Pigeon

    For Parents any other non-US citizens living/competing in US? Question for you?

    Anything you have had to do differently with respect to USAG membership? Send a note to the gymnastics federation of your home country, etc? Do you have to do this each year? I sent one last year, but I'm not sure if I should this year as well? Finding it tough to find info about this!