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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    We’re winding down the season here and discussing renewing our commitment to gymnastics for another year. We have just regionals to go (and possibly nationals). DD13 has a big dilemma - she wants to do everything! She has been doing 2 hours a week of rec. climbing this year and loving it! She...
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    For Parents Ankle injury recovery time

    Some background info: DD landed a pass awkwardly in our first meet and turned out she had fractured her ankle. Was in a boot for 3 weeks and got it off on Monday. Had doctor's warnings to go easy on that foot at least for the next two weeks - no hard landings etc. She has been in the gym as...
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    For Parents Nastia Liukin Cup

    Congrats @FlippinLilysMom!! You must be so proud:):)
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    For Parents First meet this season!

    Hey all let's chat! Assuming most of your gymnasts have competed by now, how did your first (and second) meets go? Ill start! DD1 had an amazing meet, some beam issues but overall very good. She was extremely proud when she worked out if she had a beam similar to last year she would have been...
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    For Parents Following Meet Scores

    Hi just wanted to ask you which website you use to follow meet scores? I know about meetscoresonline and (though that one is painfully lacking). My hubby was trying to follow my DD's meet this weekend. It was on Myusagym app but seems like the app was down - does anyone know...
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    For Parents Gym change stats

    Hey plain curiosity causing me to ask this question... Does anyone here have/had a DD level 8-10 and not changed gym since she started? If you did do a gym change or two was it because you were unhappy with your old gym, or did your DD outgrow it? I'll start: we changed gym when DD's were going...
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    For Parents College Recruiting

    I have a high school sophomore and don't know much about how recruiting works. I am aware she can have no contact with college coaches until June but is there anything we can do before that to 'catch the coaches attention'? She has a youtube channel and adds new videos regularly... She had...
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    For Parents Skipping 4-7

    Hi just thought I would put this to the community and see what you think! YD is 8 yrs and just competed Level 4 this season. She tested out of 5 recently. About half her group are skipping Level 6 and going straight to 7. Coach gave us (and DD) a choice of 6 or 7. She would have to increase her...
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    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    Hi all I'm new, been following this forum for a while and like the sound advice given! I have 3 daughters in gymnastics. I hope I'm allowed to post about this topic; remove it if not. Middle daughter (MD) is 13 and a level 10. She has been going through puberty this past year and her body has...