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    For Parents 13 year old just quit

    Oh! I thought you had to be 16+!
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    For Parents 13 year old just quit

    Is it allowed by the guidelines to allow my DD to write on my account based on her perspective? She would love to, but I thought I would ask first!
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    WAG Not the popular kid/bullying

    Your dd sounds a lot like mine. Mine is 13 and struggled w a lot of the same things. Disordered eating, depression, anxiety, possible ADHD or autism, SH, etc. She has struggled a lot at gym in particular with making connections and is struggling with bullying there. She seems to understand...
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    For Parents 13 year old just quit

    My 13 year old level 7/8 daughter just quit gymnastics yesterday. She has been doing gymnastics for 5-6 years but switched gyms almost a year ago exactly. The gym had been better, the coaches were great, but there were some issues with her teammates. A couple of them were anti-Semitic towards...
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    I always video, unless the apparatus is too far away for a good angle.
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    For Parents Gymnast hitting puberty - what to expect?

    It really depends on the gymnast. My 13 year old level 7/8 so far hasn't had any difficulties, but we never know what might come along.