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  1. J

    WAG Classics locations still not announced!

    It was announced this morning and is going to be in Louisville, KY, July 19-20.
  2. J

    WAG Frustrated University of the People

    I don't normally post, so if this is an inappropriate place to post this please let me know. I just saw an add for Simone Biles, promoting the University of the People. Evidently she and her mom are attending this university. I know Simone is surrounded by smart, intelligent people, but...
  3. J

    Our weird week coming back from Christmas break

    I had a coach that made me stand on the balance beam until I went for my back handspring. I was 8, and I stood there for over an hour before I went for it. But I remember that day vividly, and as frustrating as that was for me I'm sure it was much worse for my coach and my mom. But I finally...
  4. J

    Intro & question about Chow's

    Take a look at his website it will tell you all that you will need to know. I believe you need to send a video. But you should also let them know why you are moving there. Just so they don't think its because of the gym. It couldn't hurt.
  5. J

    Well that's a bummer

    Well that is a relief, glad the confusion was cleared up. Shealyn looks like a beautiful gymnast (from youtube) I hope she gets better soon. And are you talking about maybe Region 7 (instead of level 7)? I know region 5 does an international trip with their top JO Level 10 girls, is this what...
  6. J

    Well that's a bummer

    Oh boy, I have a guess, one who is constantly injured. But I have nothing to back that up. I'm praying that she is not the one I'm thinking of. Actually, I'm praying that its nothing serious, and all is ok. BOG, Dunno, you both know who I'm thinking of. If looking at twitter accounts gives us...
  7. J

    Gymnasts' "Time Out" during a meet?

    I did something like this for my level 4/5's. We had one terrible year on beam, and decided to try something new. I haven't seen any other team at the time doing this, but our girls would sit facing away from the beam and would visualize their routines. It actually worked. We went from scoring 6...
  8. J

    TOPS Skills Testing

    And don't forget Chelsea Davis in the middle, all 3 are on their way to worlds:)
  9. J

    Any other college hopefuls?

    I'd like to chime in here. While its not easy it is possible. There is a gymnast on the UCLA team, who is in the nursing program. She is required to do so many hours a week in the hospital. UCLA is working her training schedule around this, which means she may only practice once a week with...
  10. J

    Raw Ambition

    The first one Gracie was around 6 years old at the time it was taken. She is now 10 and I believe competing level 9 this year. She is also on the TOPS national team. The 2nd one Gena was around 10 at the time, she made it all the way to the elite level around the age of 12 or 13. I thought I had...
  11. J

    Keeping whole team at same level

    At the gyms I've coached at, it didn't matter how many girls we had at each level. There were a number of times that we only had 1 girl in a certain level (usually level 6) in a meet. We just sent 1 coach to that session. I understand how it may not be feasible cost wise for some gyms. But I...
  12. J

    Wonder what happened to Jordan Wieber?

    According to an interview I just read, Jordyn had a low landing in warm ups on her beam dismount. Don't know if that right before the event or in warm ups earlier in the day. They don't know what the official diagnosis is at this point. She may or may not compete on Saturday. We will have to...
  13. J


    What sad news. I had no idea. She was a wonderful woman and I wish her family all the best in this difficult time.
  14. J

    Width of Hotshots and Pixie grips

    We've always used the grips below for our littlest gymnasts and have never had a problem. Some of the little one's had the hot shot grips but the built in wrist band just didn't work. I've had some little level 6/7's use these as well, but they do need to be replaced about once every 5-6...
  15. J

    Woga Classic 2010

    I don't think that is Bridget Sloan. It really looks like her, but that's not her floor music. I know that she was at the meet signing autographs, but I heard she didn't compete. Again, I could be wrong. But just wanted to put this out there.
  16. J

    Compulsory floor routine deduction splits

    I don't believe it is a deduction for the skill requirement (split), they might take off up to .1 for comp error. I remember tom koll saying something about it in judges training a couple years ago. I rarely see judges take off for it though. But if they do, I can't see them taking more than...
  17. J

    Monday morning quarterback

    Speaking for myself. My co-coaches and myself usually will talk about how the girls did at their meet, either during breaks in between sessions, on the way home (if we carpool), or on the phone sometime the next day. On the Monday after, we usually congratulate the girls, and have a fun day...
  18. J

    To homeschool or not to homeschool

    I can tell you I coached in the gym that Ashley Priess worked out in when she was 7 years old. She was about a level 7 at the time (I don't believe she could compete yet because she was to young) but she was only working out about 15-16 hours a week. Maybe a bit more in the summer. Ashley's...
  19. J

    level 4 bars dismount

    The level 4 bars dismount is a cast back hip circle to underswing. If you are talking about level 3 they have a cast sole circle dismount and I believe it can be in a tuck, pike or straddle position. But I would suggest a straddle or pike.
  20. J

    Me at British Champs 09!

    That beam mount was to cool. I have to say I'm pretty impressed, I love how clean you are. Beautiful gymnastics, good luck this year. BTW if you don't mind me asking how old are you?