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    WAG Trampoline Basics

    I am taking Trampoline classes to aid with gymnastics. I am looking for specific technique advice and body form tips. 1) As I jump on the trampoline, should I keep a Hollow Body position? Should I tuck in the abs, and tuck in the back glutes (similar to handstand) ? 2) How do I stay center on...
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    WAG Different Names of Starting Hurdles

    What are the different kind of hurdles for a floor routine start (for cartwheel, roundoff)? I heard there is a Step Hurdle, Power hurdle. Does anyone have a list and their descriptions?
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    WAG Start position of Cartwheel name

    What is the start position of a cartwheel called? This looks different from a Lunge, because I heard Lunge is the ending position.
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    WAG Front tuck: bend at waist?

    Another way, looking at different websites, is you kind of let your thighs hang vertical , while you do knee flexion in the air. This will allow you to grasp the knees, without thinking about doing situp crunch. Not sure if this is correct, or if I am mistaken. Thanks,
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    WAG Front tuck: bend at waist?

    When doing a front tuck flip, am I supposed to think about bending at the waist forward, to get into that tucked position (so my hands can closely grasp the legs)? Is there an ab crunch situp motion? I have one gymnast teacher telling me there is, other one saying I should not actively think...
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    WAG Round Off: Handstand?

    One of my friends helping me with round off says, its like 3 steps, 1) first going into a cartwheel phase 2) in the middle, you go into the "Handstand" 3) finally, snap your feet down into a hollow Is the middle step correct? Do you enter a true handstand in the round off?
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    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I am working on the front tuck flip at gymnastics training center. How should I envision what I do with my glutes during the flip? Should I "think about lifting my glutes over my head" or lifting it over the shoulder? How do you train your students?
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    WAG Round Off - Landing into Hollow Body position

    Hi Geoffrey, not my intention, I am typing too fast while taking the commute, I am familiar with the 3 concepts below, trying to work on how to initiate the hollow body position, etc, Thanks Again ! "Keeping the body tight of course. Strong push off through shoulders. Take off position...
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    WAG Round Off - Landing into Hollow Body position

    well can you answer my questions directly above? thanks , I see lot concepts I already know, not related to the question, etc
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    WAG Similarities between Front Dive Roll and Front Flip Tuck, how is it a progression?

    They always say a Front Dive Roll is a Progression into a Front Flip Tuck. I don't get it. What are the similarities? What parts are alike? I can do a Front Dive Roll, but not a Front Tuck flip yet.
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    WAG Round Off - Landing into Hollow Body position

    What starts the Hollow body position during landing in the Round Off? My coach told me to "snap your toes down"? Is that true? (a) Do I snap my toes down, and let the legs initiate the hollow position? (b) or does it come from back muscles? (c) Last she said sometimes, it easier to get into a...
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    WAG Equipment mat question?

    Is it safe to stack a incline cheese mat on a 8 inch thick mat? are they built for this? Trying to learn front tucks, instead of just using in-ground resi pits or tumble traks. Wanted to test different mat formats for taller athletes.
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    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    ok cool, last question here, is it safe to stack a cheese mat on a 8 inch thick mat? are they built for this?
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    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    2) also meaning is it safe to stack a cheese mat on a 8 inch thick mat? are they built for this?
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    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    yep, I am learning rolling drills also. I think my main issue is falling on 1% chance head/neck injury for beginners. If I used a Large Incline cheese mat at my last gymnastics place, the chances of that are rare. Does 8inch thick mats or resi pits prevent those head/neck falls? Btw, can...
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    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    Btw, I believe the incline cheese wedge mat at our gym is little smaller, not as big as one above, so panel mat maybe more optimal. Or maybe, is there a safe way to stack the small cheese mat on a regular mat?
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    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    I have been learning and conditioning for the front flip tuck. To test in real environment, what is a good type of mat to learn? Is it a cheese wedge mat? My gymnast coach wants me to learn on 1) regular panel mat, but I was hearing 2) a incline cheese wedge would be better to alleviate the...
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    WAG Does Circus Trampoline class help train Gymnastics?

    I wanted to take a Circus Trampoline class. Do you think this class will help with gymnastics? I always thought doing this class would be considered 'cheating, and creating sloppy technique' in real tumbling (for front flips, backflips, side spins, etc). Reason is ease of use from jumping on...
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    WAG What Positions are used in a Dive Roll Mid Air?

    What positions are used in a Dive Roll, during Mid air part? Is it Arch, or Hollow? I am trying to figure out, Resource: Basic Shapes in Gymnastics: Thanks,
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    WAG How many times and how long stretching for Adult females?

    thats awesome, yeah, if you can beat thyroid cancer, a gymnast beam routine and stretching should be easy compared to this!