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    For Parents Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    Agree that 25 hours is too much! My daughter is a level 9 and is at gym 22 hours a week. I feel like she’s always there with 22 hours a week! That’s the highest our gym goes hour wise and I feel it is plenty. Do the hours increase from 25? I wouldn’t think she could do school with more hours...
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    For Parents Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    7 - level 2/3 8 - level 4 9 - level 4/5 10 - level 7 11 - level 8 12 - level 9 I think
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    WAG 2022 TOPs testing

    Wow sounds like it has completely changed since when my daughter did tops. Good luck to your daughter!!!!
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    WAG Level 9 floor routine

    My daughter is competing 9. No double back - want to say she’s going to do a ro bh 1.5 front pike… and a front layout front full and I’m guessing one other pass. I think it’s a 10 start but not sure. Agree that if they’re going to do level 10 for 3-5 years it doesn’t matter at all.
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    WAG Ready for level 10?

    My daughter is doing level 9 this year. Her beam is similar to your daughter but I think her dismount is a full. Her vault is a yurchenko layout. She’s been working yurchenko fulls too… but won’t compete them. Floor she does ro bh 1.5 front pike and front layout front full. And her bars skills...
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    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Ok thank you for your input! Appreciated!
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    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Hi! My daughter is about 4’9” maybe and weighs 80 pounds… she’s 12.. she’s pretty tiny but definitely muscular. Thank you for the article!! Maybe the RKO may be a better option…
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    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Oh snap! She must be awesome! My daughter is doing level 9 and I can’t believe the crazy stuff she’s doing! I miss the level 2 days lol. I just ordered more pairs of the usglove…. They really roll through the grips in the upper levels. Thanks again for your help:)
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    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Ok, thank you! My daughter is 12 and uses the 00 hot shot double buckle, is that what your daughter uses? She used them in level 5,7, and 8 and they worked great! Just didn’t know if there were other “better” options now that’s she is doing paks and jaegers etc….I appreciate the response!
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    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Hi! I need some help. My daughter has been using the 00 usglove doible buckle grips since level 4/5. Her coach mentioned today there are better grips for higher levels and she shouldn’t use those above level 6. Anyone have suggestions?? Thanks so much in advance!!
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    WAG Level 8 floor

    I don’t think so. But I could be totally wrong My daughter did ro bh 1.5, flo flo, and then ro bh full…. I know there has to be two saltos connected … so she might have to add to her last pass?? Fh flo f tuck or f pike?? Others may know more though
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    For Parents need some advice

    How old is your daughter? My daughter ended up doing 1.5 seasons of level 4… 2 meets of level 5 and then skipped 6. Did 7 and then 8 and will do level 9 this year. She is 12… The other girls who moved up to level 5 while she stayed level 4 are still in level 6/7/8. I am just saying sometimes...
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    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    so this includes all us gymnasts? I honestly am asking. My daughter was a level 8 graduation year 2028.. so is she included in one of the 17 gymnasts? Am I reading this right? Lol sorry if it is obvious!!!
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    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    Wow! I thought our gym trained a lot. My daughter is also 12 just finished level 8 training 9… she does 24 hours a week - that is the most hours she’ll ever do as levels 7-10 do 24.
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    For Parents For the love of the sport: “Should I stay or should I go”

    My daughter never won a meet in level 2-5. She was scoring around 36 for most meets…Once she hit level 7 and 8 she did start winning! And scoring in the 38s… I agree with others who say lower levels do not indicate future success or failure. My daughter has always always always LOVED the...
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    How awesome!! Lots and lots of hard work to get there. I wish her the best!
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    Where is your daughter going?? My daughter is only in 6th grade and I was surprised when her coach wanted me to record her starting in level 8… I do wish I had recorded more of her lower levels too!
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    For Parents Do you record meets?

    I started to in level 8 because my daughter wants videos for recruitment .. her coach suggests starting to record in level 8
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    For Parents Feeling discouraged

    My daughter started gym at 6 .. competed level 2 at 7… scored in the middle of the pack. She’s now in 6th grade and a level 8… winning meets. I just never pictured her doing so well. She has many teammates who get division 1 scholarships.. but man is gymnastics hard and unpredictable -...
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    For Parents How to move to competitive gymnastics

    It never hurts to ask! When I signed up my 6 year old daughter I wasn’t sure if I should start her in the beginner or intermediate rec class. She had learned a lot of skills just tumbling in the house. After 45 minutes, the head coach came to me and asked if she could complete level 2 in the...