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  1. B&M's mom

    For Parents Team Score calculations at meets not adding up?

    At my daughter's former gym meet, the team score was calculated based on the coach's selection of gymnasts. Before each session, the gyms participating in the team event had to select their gymnasts whose scores would be used. So, if your selected gymnast had a bad day but a non-selected...
  2. B&M's mom

    Anon Fairness in families

    This is hard. Having done it, there's no good answer. There's no way to balance the scales so everyone gets the same amount of time, attention and money. And yes, the kids notice. You may want to talk with your kids to see how they feel about the situation. The non-gymnasts may not care but...
  3. B&M's mom

    WAG How do gymnasts or their parents care for their gymnastics leotards and care for them before while and after wearing?

    Yeah, practice leos got no special treatment. In with the regular laundry, sometimes in a lingerie bag, most often not. Regular detergent. In the dryer on low. In terms of folding, yeah, that didn't happen. Got shoved into the appropriate drawer or gym bag. We did lose some of the shine of...
  4. B&M's mom

    For Parents Diving?

    Mom to a former multi year L10 who junior year decided to leave the sport due to injuries. Took up diving in high school with high school team. Trained 5 hours a week, took 12th at States that year. After season was over, talked to a couple of local dive teams, both agreed to train her even...
  5. B&M's mom

    For Parents Switching Gyms

    I had two gymnasts in two separate gyms because one wanted to go elite and the other was just having fun. Both gyms were aware of the situation and supportive. However, it wasn't without challenges as I had to coordinate both schedules, meets were rarely the same and I sometimes missed one...
  6. B&M's mom

    For Parents knee OCD

    My oldest daughter had OCD in both knees. We caught the right knee earlier than the left so she only had drilling in that knee instead of the repair she had to go through with the left. One thing, we learned afterwards was that both knee caps did not track properly so the knees were not...
  7. B&M's mom

    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    Just remember there are usually spots on a team that do not involved scholarships. So, if your child is interested in being on team, have them talk to the coach about a "walk on" spot. They are typically treated the same as scholarship kids but just don't get the money off tuition/room and...
  8. B&M's mom

    Anon What level should elite qualifiers compete?

    Getting a compulsory score is much different than qualifying elite. Some kids who are able to get a qualifying compulsory score, don't have the skills ready for the optional score. So they may be competing at a lower JO level while they develop those skills.
  9. B&M's mom

    For Parents Meet Concessions

    I echo the votes for hot dogs. We did a small inhouse meet for the first time. We bought boxes of snacks to sell. I bought a large package of hot dogs and buns for the volunteers as we were there from early morning to late at night. We didn't advertise them but had them sitting in a crock...
  10. B&M's mom

    For Parents Cutting down hours

    I totally understand the dilemna as it's hard when they are so young and reach L10. My oldest had a similar path. I wouldn't be too concerned with the skill maintenance with lower hours but the bigger question will be how her body changes during that time. We found that my daughter's body...
  11. B&M's mom

    For Parents Level 6 gymnast Might quit

    This is fairly typical at this age. I had two gymnasts, one never questioned her desire to do gymnastics and the other, who at this age started making the same comments. She was very good, enjoyed the sport but was ready to move into more activities. I allowed her to quit after ensuring that...
  12. B&M's mom

    For Parents Clothing for tween gymnast body

    Also try H&M. The kids department is sized using European sizing which is different than U.S. sizing. The styles were often more mature so my then teens who were also smaller but muscular could find sizes that worked for them.
  13. B&M's mom

    For Parents Puma Jr retires…

    Sorry about the retirement. It's a shock when they make the decision even if you knew it was coming but... Welcome to the diving world. It's much less stressful for the most part (says the mom who watched her daughter hit the 3 meter board at her last meet). No big injuries in diving...
  14. B&M's mom

    WAG Knee braces an level 7 question

    As to awesome knee braces for tracking issues, hopefully someone will have found a miracle one. We never did and I have a closet full of the ones we tried. Tracking is hard to brace because it really depends on where the knee cap is moving so you need a brace that will hold the knee cap in the...
  15. B&M's mom

    WAG The Future of Elite

    Totally agree. My DD, when we discussed her desire to do elite training, at age 11 said that she wanted to do it, hopefully qualify and compete. She had no Olympic aspirations, just wanted to qualify as elite and maybe get an assignment. She would then retire from the sport as she could not...
  16. B&M's mom

    WAG Long, thick hair bun recommendations?

    Hair nets over the bun also help hold it. There are elastics made for thick heavy hair. My daughter swears by them. I should also say that sometimes nothing, nothing will keep that hair up. My DD was a gym that also required high buns. After a couple of years of the coaches having to fix...
  17. B&M's mom

    WAG Evaluation of Tom Forster

    Unlike other countries who have a national team coached by the national team coaches, our team is decentralized. The athletes work at their own gyms with their own coaches. Tom really has no control over that. Yes, he can help mold coaches and oversee the development of the athletes but he...
  18. B&M's mom

    For Parents Just Made Team, Any Advice or Tips?

    I don't think that anyone is trying to be patronizing. You asked for advice or tips and you are getting the unvarnished truth. Competitive gymnastics is not necessarily a terrible thing but there are a lot of things I didn't know about the sport when my oldest daughter got invited to the team...
  19. B&M's mom

    MAG The Junior Year struggle

    I wouldn't push it either. He'll get into college just fine. My DD left gymnastics her junior year after years of pre-elite/Level 10. She loved gymnastics but was ready to leave. I figured she was old enough to know what she wanted even though I was sad to see her walk away. She tried...
  20. B&M's mom

    For Parents Trouble with basic bar skills after major injury

    Just remember she's probably grown in that year and a half so her body isn't reacting the same way it used to. Give her time and space, she'll find her way back. It may not be exactly the same but she'll figure it out.