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  1. Kayleigh

    Biology Project

    Hi all! Long time, no post. I need some help. I'm taking college biology this year, and we are required to come up with a final project for the class. It can really be about anything as long as it relates back to biology (sigh... if only it were physics, that would be easy, but alas, I took...
  2. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Injuries

    As you may have gathered from some of my posts as of late, I currently have a nasty back injury. I've had chronic back pain for about 2 years now, but about 2 months ago, it completely flared up. I've been limited to dance throughs and strength for 8 weeks now and I'm just bored to tears... not...
  3. Kayleigh

    Ratatouille Floor Music

    Hey guys... I'm DESPERATELY in need of the floor music from Ratatouille - it's on disc 21 of the floor express cd. One of my teammates bought it and gave it to me to cut, but I misplaced the cd - I can't find it ANYWHERE. :( I'm 16 and jobless so I don't have the 50 some bucks to pay for it...
  4. Kayleigh


    So... I have a problem. We have a travel meet this year in Florida (and actually, we've had one there the past two years). The problem is... I am COMPLETELY terrified of flying. I've been to both of the other travel meets, but the experience flying back the last time was awful (lots and lots of...
  5. Kayleigh

    Team Sleepover

    Hello All! I need some suggestions. We're about to get a bunch of newbies on my prep-op team, so being the oldest and thus the team leader, I wanted to have a sleepover to help us get to know one another, and hopefully build up some team spirit. Anyone have any ideas on some activities? I was...
  6. Kayleigh

    Toe Injury - What is it?

    Hi all! I have a bit of a dilemma. I take pointe classes at school once a week. A few weeks ago, I came home with a bump on my toe. I figured it was nothing, so I continued practicing on it. A few days later, I asked my coach (who has a degree in athletic training) what she thought it was. She...
  7. Kayleigh

    Gymnastics - Quotes to Inspire

    I made this whilst sitting at home, bored and with strep throat. I have sectionals this weekend and was looking for some inspiration. This is the result. :]
  8. Kayleigh

    Last Meet Before Sectionals!

    I have my last meet before our post season today... the Once Upon a Time Invitational. It should be really fun, but I'm in need of some good luck. I've already qualified to sectionals (in a huge way... by like, 5 points), but I really want to head into it with a good meet behind me. So... wish...
  9. Kayleigh


    I just need to rant about this really quick and get some opinions... I had a meet yesterday morning. It was going rather well, and then came time for beam. I had a solid warmup and was the first one to go and compete. Let me tell you, I got up there and did a ROCK solid routine. I dismounted...
  10. Kayleigh

    Search for a Replacement Meet... Oh boy.

    Hi all. My gym, Arcadia, was planning on attending the Pink Invitational here in PA. Well, as it turns out, that meet closed off registration probably 3 weeks ago, the response was so overwhelming. Not only was I SERIOUSLY looking forward to it (I was literally sobbing when I found out that we...
  11. Kayleigh

    Where Are Your Travel meets This Year?

    Just out of curiosity... what are some of the meets that you guys have to travel for? Our big one this year is the Presidential Classic in Orlando. Anyone going? The All-Star resort at Disney World looks AWESOME! Our other big travel meet is the Pink Invitational, which is at AJS...
  12. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Shin Splints

    Hello All - Quick question - I'm assuming (from the little online research I did) I have a fairly mild case of shin splints. On my left leg, there's a thin strip to the left of my shin that's killing me. It's really sore, and it hurts to walk on. I asked my teammate, who runs cross country...
  13. Kayleigh

    OT Twilight

    AKA, the most amazing, fantastic book on the planet... who's read it? :D I'm so excited for the movie as well... and I've made half of my teammates and even my MOM read it. We have lengthy Team Edward/Team Jacob conversations at practice. XD What did you guys think of Breaking Dawn, if...
  14. Kayleigh

    PA State Championships - L6 and Prep Op.

    May 3'd - 4th Flippin' Into Summer PA State Championships - Level 6 And Prep Optional Hosted by Berks East. :)
  15. Kayleigh

    OT Vanessa Hudgens

    Who likes her? I think she's awesome. And if you haven't heard her new song "Sneaker Night", you should check it out. It's a great song to pump you up! Discuss. :D
  16. Kayleigh

    College Gym for Someone Like Me

    Hello all. I've been thinking about this for a long while. I've dug around on the internet for it, but can't seem to find any info that I need... Here's the basic situation; I went to two Pitt meets and absolutely loved it! Every aspect. The team feel, the fans, everything. I would love to do...
  17. Kayleigh

    I'm Joining In On The Trend... ^It's my brand new blog on gymnastics. There's only one entry so far (on Nastia Liukin's '08 Pacific Rim UB EF routine... which was pretty bad) , but I think I'm going to keep updating. It's fun! Plus, it gives me a place to vent out. Thanks to ccam and...
  18. Kayleigh

    Western PA Sectionals: Prep-Op. and L7

    Kayleigh attempts to make it to states for a second time. :)
  19. Kayleigh

    The Best Montages

    After seeing the "Do You Remember When..." thread here, I thought it would be a cool idea to share our favorite montages with everyone. :) Not Always Happy Endings - by nade00 <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
  20. Kayleigh

    2007 Graffiti Invitational

    In Niagra Falls, New York. Levels 4-10 I compete at 6 pm on the 5th. :)