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    For Parents Hello old friends

    I appreciate posts like this, and while my daughter is not at your girls’ level I can be prepared. We recently had a meet where mine was very focused on the scoreboard, and I feel it impacted her anxiety and there was a fall, making things worse. It is tough for me to watch and I wonder all...
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    For Parents Level 2 or Level 3

    In my opinion L2 at our gym was a money grab, tuition over $300 a month, team fees over $1,000 year for 4-5 local meets, high end warm up’s. Same for L3, just higher team fees and same for XB. I’d rather a gym have a goal to train straight for L4 and do in house skills meets of modified routines...
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    For Parents Double full vs double back

    Should I be concerned if my gym doesn’t have a trampoline or trampolines? We have a tumble trak and in the last 6 months air track is a tool used. Sometimes the girls will tumble off air track onto mats on the pit. We also have rod floor but I’ve never understood the benefit of rod.
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    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    I would love if our coaches were open to a PT or sports medicine doctor to observe conditioning and stretching. There are so many out due to injuries and while my DD is young, I’ve always wondered about the weights and conditioning program. My DD doesn’t do weights yet, but at this point in time...
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    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    DD’s team is competing in person. Everyone is doing at least 3 meets. Two of them are road trip in state travel meets. Those that do the out of state meet will get 4 meets in before State. State for most girls are in March. Then, who knows for Regionals and beyond.
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    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    For a road trip meet in a large convention center hotel ballrooms venue I would feel most comfortable. In my state Fall season came and went from September through December. I’d say 50% athletes statewide compared to years prior at the State and South State meets. Our gym opted for an in house...
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    How is it where you are?

    I’m sorry for your loss
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    How is it where you are?

    The numbers in our state are high again but the numbers in our county have gone up an average of 50 per day. Not so bad at all and I realize that could change quickly. For schools- what is your school system’s cutoff or line in the sand for when they move kids back to remote learning? In my...
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    So what’s happening?

    That’s disheartening I’m sure. I wonder if outdoor training would be allowed, weather permitting.
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    So what’s happening?

    Those of you in the UK I saw about the month long lockdown. Lockdown means different things depending on the country your in. Are the gyms remaining open? Curious about the Middlesbrough area.
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    For Parents Huge bummer

    I’m sorry to hear the latest and even more frustrating it must be that it was non gymnastics practice related! I can’t imagine not being able to use either wrist and only one lower limb. Hugs to you and your daughter.
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    MAG Minnesota Regents Meeting

    I was debating to start a new thread and sk I don’t know if this will help you with the Men’s MN situation. W&M is restoring the women’s gymnastics program as of now but not the Men’s.
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    WAG What big or major meets have already been postponed or canceled?

    Wow! As of now it looks like TX Prime, Biles and WOGA plus many others are still on and feels like business as usual in TX. Will be keeping close track of this. I’m worried about the meet fees I’ve already paid and none of our meets explicitly said they guaranteed a refund in the event of...
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    For Parents Sit back and wait or express interest

    It’s great the gym emailed you back acknowledging your interest. Most gyms would not overlook a child with those skills. Where I am 4 local gyms compete L1’s. Another gym will put girls straight from rec with less skills than that into Bronze but the problem after is they cherry pick who goes JO...
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    For Parents Sit back and wait or express interest

    That’s great you asked and since yourself are already interested you can find out what their trial process is. Be wary of gyms that give you the run around. I had a rec coach approach me about team for DD and then the “team eval” Coach was never available or returning calls or emails. I’m glad I...
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    Beam Mental Block

    This seems extreme but I don’t know what is normal for progressing beam skills either? It does seem a big jump to go straight from low to high and our gym’s stance is if you have the numbers you should be confident. Personally, I feel there would be no harm in having 3-4 8 inchers underneath...
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    Beam Mental Block

    I feel you too. DD went from mats stacked on low beam to low beam no mats in a matter of a week or two and has been at a stand still the last couple months. She just can’t make herself head to the high beam and go. I don’t know what the answer is, she has probably made over 100 perfectly where...
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    For Parents SylviaP Quality

    I was wondering if Covid had something to do with the manufacturing as well. In the US it looks like they ship from Vancouver, WA. We ordered 2 of the leos directly off the SP website. My shipment was actually delayed by 2 weeks and the customer service rep said they were waiting for more...
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    For Parents SylviaP Quality

    Has anyone ordered from Sylvia P recently? I noticed the leotards feel much different in quality than collections past. I checked the tags to see how the material differed and noticed Made in China. All others we have ordered in the past have nice quality fabric that isn’t paper thin or flimsy...
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    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    In the last 4-5 days there are at least 60 meets posted on mymeetscores as upcoming in our State. Our team has their whole season schedule so it’s looking like the huge invitationals are moving forward as of now for optional season. Compulsory season is already underway. There was a meet at...