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  1. B&M's mom

    WAG Impressed with what happened at the Olympics

    There has been a lot of discussion about how awful USAG is but today I saw the potential start of a new philosophy. There was no pressure put on Simone to continue to compete when clearly she was not up to it. They allowed her to step away from competition but stay to cheer on her teammates...
  2. B&M's mom

    WAG Will the new compulsory changes also impact the optionals?

    I've been hearing about new changes to entry of jumps in the compulsory routines. I haven't seen the new routines as my compulsory level daughter had last week off. But if the entry into jumps has changes in the compulsory routines, will the judges be looking for the same types of entry by the...
  3. B&M's mom

    Just found this site

    Hi, I just joined after finding this site this week. I'm the very proud, but equally terrified mom of two gymnasts, DD #1, age 10 who will be competing Level 8 and just qualifed for TOPS national testing and DD#2 who is 7 and will be competing GIJO Level 4. DD#1 loves any and all gymnastics...