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  1. TomCarson

    For Parents College Recruiting

    Instagram is for sure the way to go
  2. TomCarson

    For Parents Does it matter which gym she goes to?

    Find a good fit and stay with it... a young gymnast will thrive in a positive atmosphere with good coaches and equipment.
  3. TomCarson

    MAG Number of hours for boys per age

    I doubt 1-hour practices are very beneficial, considering it takes the average gymnast about 30-60 minutes to fully warm up for practice... 3-4 hour practices have always worked wonders for me and the many gymnasts I've known :)
  4. TomCarson

    MAG New England / New York Gyms

    Sterling Academy of Gymnastics in MA has a wonderful men's program and is constantly putting out high-level gymnasts... Alternatively, MEGA or NEAG are great options also! :)