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  1. Kayleigh

    Biology Project

    It is general biology... AKA biology 101. So basic, intro stuff. It can be any type of biology... though I'm leaning towards something in the human biology aspect of things. I do like the idea of swabbing the equipment and seeing what grows there, though!
  2. Kayleigh

    Biology Project

    Hi all! Long time, no post. I need some help. I'm taking college biology this year, and we are required to come up with a final project for the class. It can really be about anything as long as it relates back to biology (sigh... if only it were physics, that would be easy, but alas, I took...
  3. Kayleigh

    Who has matching training leos?

    Yeah, that would make sense for traditional format, where you warmup everything before the meet and then compete everything... not so much for the non-traditional "warmup compete warmup compete" deal. We just got tank leos with our gym name on them, but we have them just for the heck of it...
  4. Kayleigh

    Floor Routines in General

    At my gym, we all make up our own routines with help from the coaches and we never pass them down. I feel like routines should be created specifically with one gymnast in mind and should play up their best features. Everyone gets a say so that they are confident and happy with their routine...
  5. Kayleigh

    Shaking on Beam

    The best advice that I can give you is to BREATHE. Deep breaths can really help you to relax a bit. And of course, the more relaxed you are, the less shaking you'll do. Step up to the beam, salute, and take a moment to breathe before you get on. And KEEP BREATHING throughout your routine... I...
  6. Kayleigh

    Competition Hairstyles

    At the beginning of this past season, I rocked the ever-classic "bang pouf" and a pony tail. By the end of the season, that wasn't working out so well... so I switched to two braids into a pony. Pics: Pouf: Braids: I'm in the black and red warmup... though Corinna (the girl...
  7. Kayleigh

    North Carolina HS Graduation Project

    ^Love NYGymfan's meet idea! That would be a great project, and you could absolutely donate the profits to the charity of your choice. If you can get your gym to donate the time and equipment, that's half the battle. You could do like a mock meet, for the class kids... that way, you don't have to...
  8. Kayleigh

    Who's doing Christmas on the Chesapeake this weekend?

    Just found out that I'll be there as well! I won't be competing... just going to support our upper level girlies! I'll be in Baltimore tomorrow night. I should make a Chalkbucket shirt so that you all can find me. XD I'm with Arcadia... see you guys there? :)
  9. Kayleigh

    2009 Steel City Invitational

    I was at this meet! Were you there for the prep optional session? Your pictures are great!
  10. Kayleigh

    what level does a COLLEGE GYMNAST have to be in?

    Well... one of the girls on my team is a level nine and she's pretty good... she was 5th at eastern's this past year and she's looking at colleges. She'll probably wind up going to a division 2 school... still a team, but it's not like going to Georgia or UCLA. :p If you want to be on a good...
  11. Kayleigh

    How can I get that 9.0?!

    I know what you mean... I was very much the same way. Unfortunately (at least in PA), flexibility is a big one. At level 5, the degree of leap required is a bit less than 180 degrees... but think about it. If a judge sees a girl leap at the requirement of 150 or so, and another leap at 180...
  12. Kayleigh

    Report Cards: How strict is your DD's gym?

    We don't have a rule. Of course they'd like to see us do well, but every kid is different. I haven't really had any issues with it... I think gymnastics has actually helped me keep the 4.0 that I've had since freshman year. Gymnastics taught me to set goals (to keep a 4.0 all four years of...
  13. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Injuries

    You guys are awesome. I have lots of questions to take to the doctor at my next appointment - you rock! Hopefully we can figure this out soon... I've been out of school the past three days. :eek:
  14. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Injuries

    Well, the MRI came back completely clear. I was a mess... we still don't know what this is? Something has to be WRONG... I honestly can't walk up the stairs. I haven't seen my room in 3 days. :rolleyes: The doctors essentially told me to take Aleve twice a day and suck it up. I've been taking...
  15. Kayleigh

    can you have a backhandspring, back layout series in a level 8 USAG beam routine?

    It's definitely not allowed now - 8's can essentially only compete handspring handspring. :(
  16. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Injuries

    I've actually been in physical therapy for almost 2 months now - it will help for about 2 hours after the appointment, but then I'm right back to where I was. So we went to 2 different orthopedists to get their opinions - one said bone scan, one said MRI. We wound up going with the MRI because...
  17. Kayleigh

    Interesting mount

    Log roll = way harder than it sounds. :p The mount I've seen done before, and it looks good when it's done right. Talk to your coach about it and see if they can teach you. :)
  18. Kayleigh

    Dealing With Injuries

    As you may have gathered from some of my posts as of late, I currently have a nasty back injury. I've had chronic back pain for about 2 years now, but about 2 months ago, it completely flared up. I've been limited to dance throughs and strength for 8 weeks now and I'm just bored to tears... not...
  19. Kayleigh

    Ratatouille Floor Music

    It's not Deng LinLin's... I wish it was, because that would be easy! :p EntrReality... if you have it, you would be my hero. Is it the floor express version? I would owe you eternally! :D
  20. Kayleigh

    Ratatouille Floor Music

    Hey guys... I'm DESPERATELY in need of the floor music from Ratatouille - it's on disc 21 of the floor express cd. One of my teammates bought it and gave it to me to cut, but I misplaced the cd - I can't find it ANYWHERE. :( I'm 16 and jobless so I don't have the 50 some bucks to pay for it...