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    Chicago schedule

    Does everyone have their schedule for Chicago? We still don't and it's driving me crazy. The price of the train has gone up by about $60 and one of the meet hotels is now booked. I am a big planner so it's driving me nuts not to know when my girls compete. We would like to take the train but...
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    Crazy Meet Complaints

    My dd's had a large meet this weekend at their gym (450 girls) and I was one of the parents in charge. We had parents complain about silly things like they couldn't find the gym because google said it was on the other side of the street, we didn't have a certain brand of spring water, and the...
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    What do you think makes a great meet?

    My dd's gym is hosting one more meet this year and we are looking at ways to improve. What thing have you really liked about a meet? What things have you hated? We are looking for any and all ideas including thing to have at concessions, vendors that you have liked or anything else you can...
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    Ideas for goodie bags

    My dd's gym is having a meet on Feb 14 and 15 and we are trying to think of something to give each gymnast. It is a level 5 and 6 state qualifier. We have given out bags and water bottles in the past and are looking for something different. Candy is out because the girls aren't supposed to...
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    I'm sure glad I found this forum. I am a mom in Michigan. My girls are 8 and 10 and are first year level 6. They are both really excited. Our biggest problem is when the younger one beats the older one which is happening more and more. :mind-blowing: