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    For Parents SylviaP Quality

    Has anyone ordered from Sylvia P recently? I noticed the leotards feel much different in quality than collections past. I checked the tags to see how the material differed and noticed Made in China. All others we have ordered in the past have nice quality fabric that isn’t paper thin or flimsy...
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    For Parents Homeschooling 1st and 2nd Graders- Recommendations

    Apologies in advance that this is not in a homeschooling group on CB, I’m a new member and probably don’t have invitation access to some things here. Has anyone homeschooled their 1st or 2nd graders? What program or curriculum did you use? Pros or Cons? Some gyms have an in house homeschool. I...
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    Those with Fall Seasons? What is your State Doing

    Those of you in states with Fall Seasons have you heard what your state is planning to do for meet season ? Is it being pushed back a few weeks? Pushed to 2021, Up in the air? DD was supposed to do L5. The prospect of optionals not happening until 2022 is demotivating. Our state went back to...