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  1. Carly

    WAG AP Article - EXPLAINER: The differences between Olympic & NCAA gymnastics

    Just saw this story and wanted to share. Thoughts? Is it accurate or missing pertinent info?
  2. Carly

    WAG GK Competiton leo sizing

    DD didn't have a gk leo last season so it's been 2 years since she's been measured for a gk comp leo. I measured her as an AXS leo and she was at the bottom of the torso range. She tried on the sizing stuff that gk sent and the AXS leo was extremely tight. So she tried on the AS which was a...
  3. Carly

    For Parents Non Natural Hair Color at Competitions

    DD has been asking to get the ends of her hair colored blue for a long time. The new gym has no rules against it so I'm wondering if judges will deduct for this at competitions. We might be able to hide most of it in her bun. I read the rules for attire in the program rules and policies for...
  4. Carly

    For Parents Help Identifying a song

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this floor routine? I think that it sounds familiar but I can't place it. Could be that I've been listening to way too much music on floor express music and energym today. I've tried using a couple of phone apps but they can't find it. Thanks!