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    WAG Why do gymnasts train 365 days a week?

    This is actually a very good question. I'm no expert, but I think time here and there is a good thing for the reasons mentioned above. I don't mean time off doing nothing, but time off doing gymnastics and just doing something else, like swimming or running or playing another sport. Cross...
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    WAG GK Outlet?

    We were there in Nov and it was open. Great place, bad neighborhood though.
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    MAG Temple men's team cut

    My husband is a big college football fan and a Temple alumn, and he just said to me that they never should have gone to D1 football. Everyone else is suffering. They play at the Linc., they did terrible this year, people don't even want to go to the games.
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    For Parents does your gymnast have outside activities?

    For our family it's always been a concern and it's why my daughter is a Y gymnast. She now trains 4 days a week, a total of 14 hours, but that is only as an optional, prior to that it was 3 days, 10 hours total. So she still trains under the norm but it is enough. She is a burn the candle at...
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    WAG Do fears lessen once they stop growing?

    This is kind of what I have seen.
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    WAG Do fears lessen once they stop growing?

    I always attributed the fears less with growth and more with age and awareness. I mean when you are 8 nothing seems scary, when you are 12, you pretty much realize just exactly what can happen if you miss your hands when doing that back handspring on the beam, or if you peel off the bars...
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    WAG Do fears lessen once they stop growing?

    I think it depends. I think there are some girls who never get over their fears and never really find a way to work around them. We have a girl with fears who developed them around her level5 year she was 11, and I guess she was growing at that time, but she is now 16 and they never went...
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    WAG Scoring in the new cycle?

    Er, well you are all speaking a little greek to me lol... 8s are doing double back on bars, but we don't have any first year 8s, they all stayed back at 7. Fulls, my daughter is doing a full at practice. Can she do that as a 7? See I don't even know. She has been flipping tsuks in training...
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    For Parents Making own gymnastic equipment...

    Why on earth would anyone "spot" giants with a 5 year old in a house? What is wrong with people!
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    WAG Scoring in the new cycle?

    We have not been to any meets yet, but we had a mock meet and the judging was harder for that then it's ever been. Also, our 7s are doing a lot of skills that in the past were considered level 8 skills, and 8s are doing, well, not level 9, but a lot more is expected of 8s than has been in the...
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    For Parents NY Times article about losing

    Ok, more, I guess I see it both ways. While I stated above my kids did not really get trophies much beyond the rec level of their sport unless they won, their team won etc., we still have amassed quite a collection of trophies and medals (over 200) not including gymnastic stuff. Those 200 are...
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    For Parents NY Times article about losing

    I didn't read the entire article, but I have to say, in other sports, once you get past the young rec level, I don't see participation trophies being awarded. Maybe we've escaped it? My gymnast who is 13 and the youngest has played soccer and field hockey at rec and travel level and once she...
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    For Parents Coaches against gymnasts attending summer camps

    Well it's summer and it's camp. My daughter does a week at IGC. She loves it, it's become a tradition. She does a lot of gym, it is different than the gym she does at home, but she has so much fun. I just can't see one week in making a whole lot of difference. She is still being active.
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    For Parents Gymnasts Who Homeschool

    I would not consider homeschooling because of gymnastics a child that age. I would try to deal with the schedule by trying to make it as easy and stress free as possible. I would also consider dropping the extra day, if the stress continued. An 8 year old should not be stressed and feeling...
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    WAG GK Down East Outlet

    I'm pretty sure they are still open. We have family right outside of reading and we were just there a month or so ago. Definitely call but I can't imagine they have closedclosed
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    For Parents How can you motivate a bored little gymnast?

    I apologize if i missed it but why did you switch gyms? To me it sounds like she is just a little too young and not ready to be serious and take this all serious. There is nothing wrong with that, and I think 9 hours sounds like it's enough and possibly even too much if her focus isn't there...
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    WAG Gymnasts: opinions of this jacket

    This is slightly unrelated, but I'm kind of amused that some people are unfamiliar with hoodies and having one for a team. My daughter has no less than 20 hoodies, teams, functions, camp, events, bar mitzvahs. My sons too, oh and don't forget the ones the boys have passed down to her. Too...
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    WAG Gymnasts: opinions of this jacket

    My daughter is not here to ask, but based on her tastes, I think she would prefer a hoodie. I know I know just how many hoodies can they have, but she seems to really favor hoodies and sweats (when it comes to team sports or places she has been etc) over anything else. Her field hockey team...
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    WAG When do most ymca's competetion seasons start?

    YMCA meets run the same season generally as USAG. I think every state would have to be similar because Y nationals are the end of June. Generally Y states are around the same time as USAG states, not the same weekends obviously, because then you couldn't do both, if your team does both.
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    For Parents Not moving up levels due to other sports

    After reading all responses I guess I understand why we are at the Y. We have gone back and forth and all around with the decision, but for now and for her this is the best place for her. When she was young I resisted her only doing gymnastics. I wanted her to experience the other sports and...