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    WAG Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to L.A.

    It's all about preconception in this world. Outside of malice, people will accuse of an offense and stick to it if that is what's perceived. Same is true with defense. People will defend anything by using any means and even ignoring any facts that says otherwise if innocence is preconceived...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    495, just a few words of advise from someone else (Everyone, I'm NotAMom (not a coach either) FWIW :) ). By all means, be proud. Be very proud!!! But, be cautious when things are out of ordinary for your situation (question yourself or the coaches even, particularly when it comes to safety)...
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    WAG Should I "keep it real"?

    This is only the beginning of gym drama and bitterness (same with any other sport or activity). If you can't get over it at your daughter's current level, you really have a long road ahead of you. Many of us have seen it, felt it and dealt with it. I suggest to move on while not stopping your...
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    For Parents 1st L9 Meet tomorrow

    Good luck to her!
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    WAG Fronthandspring Front Tuck Vault

    Yes, per my editing above, that is the only way for the OP to proceed if and only if he/she does insist on proceeding, regardless how desperately the gymnast wants to learn the skill.
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    For Parents photographing gymmies in motion

    I recommend the following for a higher yield while still keeping things on a budget: a) Do not use a point and shoot. While great under perfect lighting, it does not have the flexibility or the lens you need to take a decent picture indoors (especially at a gym meet). Buy a digital SLR. Pretty...
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    WAG Giant-layout flyaway fear

    First, welcome to CB. In situations like yours, it's natural for the coach to become frustrated. But, patience and empathy is the key. You are only uptraining to L7 so there is still time. Even if you're competing at that level, you still can work that skill in during the season. She needs to...
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    lvl 8 tumbling pass question

    I see front-front (even layouts) being done often in Level 8. The half-punch is more rare. So long as, the half in the series is allowed (and I think it is) and she can hit it, why not? At this level, most kids start becoming more specialized. Very few can be equally as good in all events. Both...
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    Hello from SC...

    At this age, any gym/group that she will stay without crying will work. Occasionally participating is good too.
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    Just finished a new video for my little gym monkey!

    WOW! Entertained? Yes, very much. Wishing the same? Not so much. Just like watching the circus (or as a stretch, any of these jackaXX shows).
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    For Parents Some wise words to us parents

    I'd like to share this insightful article with all you fellow gym parents, particularly those who are new to this sport. It was not written for the gymnastics community but rather that of another sport. But, nearly all that is said rings true. We as gym parents can definitely use his advise in...
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    OT Laid-off

    That is happening everywhere. You are certainly not alone. In fact, it is really rare to find someone without a close relative without losing a job. Good luck to you and your family!
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    Proposed compulsory elements 2013-2020

    Linsul, unless I'm mistaken, under the new program, L4 will be equivalent to today's L5 hence the min age and skill requirements will not change.
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    Good elements for a floor routine??

    Absolutely, it's your gym's job to learn the requirements. It's shocking that you find it more resourceful here than your gym. Furthermore, no one here knows anything about your friends and their strengths and weaknesses.
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    Safest path

    Many good suggestions have been said. Just a couple more things I'd like to point out... Watch for signs of burnout, fatigue, frustration, lack of interest or whatnot. Intervene whenever attention is called for. Go with your gut feel regardless of what the coaches do and say. Observe other...
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    For Parents Brag Alert....Level 5 38.5

    There are a couple of things that I'd like to say here: First, the actual score. I too did find the score being on the low side for that performance -- at least in today's standard for the lower levels (apparently not in all states however). But, the mere fact that the gymnast took first in...
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    I'm starting to believe the CB just hates me...

    Great minds think alike. Fastest way to save free text.
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    For Parents Level 6? Level 7? Prep Op?

    Like I said, there are exceptions. And, many of them are fast tracking to elite anyway. There are really no other way to get there. Also, while it's true that the parent and/or the gymnast may not have a choice as it's mandated by the program, many (not all) can always pick another gym. But...
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    For Parents Level 6? Level 7? Prep Op?

    Based on what I've seen, with next to no exception, strong L6s make strong L7s. Same thing cannot be said about strong L5s "skipping" L6. As already mentioned, except for the few who can capably whip through the ranks in flying colors (who without a doubt score far higher than the required...
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    "flat feet", very interesting

    Pan over the post. Look for a "like" to appear on the right.