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    WAG Level 5 vs Level 6 bars

    The requirement in level 5 is a cast above horizontal. Many strong bar workers will cast to 45 degrees above horizontal or even to handstand.
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    For Parents Featured Lower Level Compulsory Judging

    I know, I know! But I''m not allowed to answer.
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    WAG Small Gymnast XCel Silver

    There's a lot to learn! I am not currently coaching, but I still judge levels XB-XD and 2-10 a lot. I'm happy to answer routine construction questions.
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    WAG Small Gymnast XCel Silver

    I hate to break it to you, but you have a bigger problem here if you are training all your Xcel Silver gymansts to do a glide off a mounting block, and then punch off the same mounting block into a pullover. The mounting block (or springboard) must be pulled immediately after the jump into the...
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    WAG Another level 9 floor question

    Assuming you mean USAG Development Program Level 9, B to C indirect salto connection is now 0.1 bonus. So yes, that pass would get 0.1 bonus for B front pike to C-value back 1 1/2. Just make sure it's a front pike and not a front tuck. :)
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    For Parents Diving?

    I coached a gymnast who started diving at the beginning of 10th grade, after a back injury halted her gymnastics career. She took to it super quickly, won state championships on her event in 10-12th grade, and got a full ride scholarship to a D1 school with a very well known swimming and dive...
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    For Coaches XCel Beam Routine Composition Questions + Dance Skills

    Hi, this is a great place to ask those questions: 1) Turns can be done in either direction. However, many gymnast will have issues with getting their big toe stuck if the turn en dedans (outside/open/away from the supporting leg/"ballet turn"). 2)Yes, a gymnast in Silver (or any level requiring...
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    For Parents Skills seem to be regressing as summer goes on

    Without knowing your daughter and relying solely on what you described and her age, I bet it's growth. Even a little growth can make skills they already had feel "weird" (e.g. can't do a BHS on high beam anymore), make good form disappear for a bit, and slow or pause progression. If she's...
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    WAG Featured Quiz: What's the Deduction?

    I got 10/12 "Are you a judge?" I am, in fact, a judge. However, there were two errors in this quiz. I'm happy to send corrections with references to the appropriate person if you'd like to update to reflect correct deductions.
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    WAG Question about toe shoot

    Well, for what it's worth, if I was judging your daughter as an Xcel Diamond or developmental program level 8 or 9 (or 10), I would count it as "C" skill filling whatever appropriate requirement. I've seen it at least a half dozen times in a pike over my decade of judging.
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    WAG Question about toe shoot

    I don't know what code/country you are competing in, but I have seen it done in a pike and, yes, it is a skill.
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    WAG New optional changes?

    The other most consequential change I see is that Level 9s can earn +0.1 in bonus for a D/E element on bars or D/E acro element on beam/floor. So they don't have to get +0.3 in connection bonus for the 10.0 start; 0.1 can come from a D/E skill.
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    WAG Talking during practice

    Of course gymnasts should talk during practice! Gymnast should be quiet and listen during instructions, be mentally preparing when they are "up next," and be focused when they are actually on the equipment taking turns. Other than that, of course they should chat with each other (and with their...
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    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    Yes. The most common entry is a "cartwheel" into the side handstand, and then either step down one foot and then the other, or press down.
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    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    I assume you are talking beam. Yes, any handstand that shows hips balanced over hands counts as an "A" skill and the "vertical" requirement on beam. Any entry or exit.
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    WAG Trans and Non-binary athletes

    I also used to have a transgender girl on my girls' pre team who was 6 or 7 years old. The parents told me, because they were concerned about her future in sport. This was before the new policy, and I had to tell her parents that there wasn't any specific policy on trans participation in youth...
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    WAG Trans and Non-binary athletes

    The gym I used to coach at, and occasionally still visit and help, has a teenage Xcel gymnast who uses they/them pronouns. Coaches and teammates respect that. This athlete also chooses not to shave their legs or armpits, and to the best of my knowledge, no one has given them a hard time.
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    WAG Level 8 beam

    Yes, you can do 5 "B" skills and 3 "A" skills. A higher level skill can replace a lower level skill, but not vice-versa. A missing "A" is a -0.1 deduction. A missing B is a -0.3 deduction.
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    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Program

    I bet videos will start to appear on the interwebs this week. I just left Reno (2nd of the compulsory master workshops). They were very strict about (not) filming during the workshops. Level 3-5 floor music is jazzy; level 2 sounds like some sort of fairy tale thing; honestly, I didn’t even pay...
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    WAG Deduction for coach on floor

    Assuming USA Gymnastics rules, no deduction for "coach on the floor" in the compulsory levels. :)