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    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    At my gym all level from 4 and up do 14 hrs a week, I would an additional 30!-45 minutes sometimes, I am now a level 7 and go 14-15 hrs a week
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    WAG tips on Backhandspring

    I recently have had a mental block on a bhs (back hand spring) I used to do it on a low beam with mats under it in March, but after Spring break I can back and just couldn't do it on a floor beam. I am a level 7 gymnast and need it for beam next year. Do you have any tips on how to get over it...
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    WAG Level 7 bar requirements

    ok, thank you! I have a clear hip to almost handstand, just wondering if the routine would work without giants before asking my coach about
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    WAG Level 7 bar requirements

    Hi, I saw somewhere that a level 7 gymnast can do a kip cast 45° clear hip kip squat on long hang kip cast 45° clear hip long hang kip cast flyaway. Is this a 10 start value? Also what is so other level 7 bar routines without giants and cast that are 45°