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  1. J

    "Perfect" Age/ Level Progression

    skip[ping levels When my daughter competed level 7 she won the states all around and that ended in January. She went on to do level 8 after that in January through May when states were. Thats where two levels in one year came into affect. Every state has different times that their levels...
  2. J

    Any other college hopefuls?

    colleges I am in a different situation than most of the responses about college scholarships. My daughter is a hopes/elite for the past two years and did level 10 nationals too. She is 12 years old and in 7th grade. We have actually talked about colleges with her , but at this point we need to...
  3. J

    "Perfect" Age/ Level Progression

    ages at different levels Everyone has their own opinions at what ages the gymnast should be at different levels. My daughter is an elite/hopes at 12. She has been at that level for 2 seasons. She did level 4 for two years at ages 6 and 7. She has progressed through every level without skipping...
  4. J

    my daughter

    re dropping scores I do not see that happening. There is not much time to start adding kids, but they should. If they kept the same scores as last year to qualify my daughter be a international jr elite, but no such luck lol. I thought the last meet in texas they were going be lenient to...
  5. J

    my daughter

    Her schedule is really rough and believe me that this is my daughters decision and her goal is to make interntional elite. For the summer about 32 hrs and during school about the same. She homeschool for a year and it really helped her gymnastic and this past season went to school. She was...
  6. J

    my daughter

    thanks to all I will give any advice I can--She will be competing both friday and sunday. Is there a list of kids who are competing yet
  7. J

    my daughter

    I am a father of a 2nd year hopes qualifier and going to the covergirl meet for the second time. She is 12 and did level 10 this season and was a tops "A" camp member. She was a state champ in level 6 and 7, regional qualifier levels 8 and 9 and made nationals NIT this season for level 10. I...
  8. J

    TV coverage for Cover Girl Classic?

    covergirl Its july 23-25 with optional starting friday at one . My daughter will be competing in it
  9. J


    Someone mentioned to me that if your child is an elite or in that category, that USA Gymnastic will assist in paying for homeschooling for the gymnast. Anyone ever heard of that happening and if so who do I contact about this. Again , I am not sure about this , but this is what someone read a...
  10. J

    toe shoot catch

    Is there any drill or suggestion to help with the toe shoot catch. The child is 4ft tall and I feel she is to small to do it, but its costing her alot on her bar score when she is trying hopes/elite.
  11. J

    growth hormones

    My daughter had the bone age and just took the blood test. Right now her height will be 4'6".
  12. J

    growth hormones

    My daughter went to a specialist who figured her to be about 4'6" as her height. The doctor wants to start her on growth hormones. Does anyone know if this will effect her eligibilty for college or even an olympic opportunity? She is an elite gymnast so she might have a chance for the Olympics...
  13. J

    meet director

    Can anyone tell me how I can become a meet director. Is there a class I need to take. I am located in New Jersey and my gym has few meets scedule that they would like me to run. It a USAG meet level 4 and level 4.,5