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  1. Sasha

    For Parents Switching from Xcel to JO, how hard is it?

    Congrats on a successful season! Generally speaking, a 9 year old who succeeded in Gold should be set up well for Level 4. Even if she ends up repeating Level 4, she has plenty of time. Almost assuredly, scoring WILL be tougher in Level 4 (and then especially in Level 5) than you found in Xcel...
  2. Sasha

    For Parents Following a coach? Ongoing gym troubles...

    Can you elaborate on this statement with some examples? "...has been having stress issues due to one of the other coaches being too harsh, and some gym rules that she finds "really not fair" " Have you observed this coach at all? Talked with other parents about his/her practices? Have you had...
  3. Sasha

    WAG Does anyone remember ?

    I deduced it must have been 2015 since those threads were missing! My own failed logic ;)
  4. Sasha

    WAG Does anyone remember ?

    oh wow really in 2017?? I searched my own threads and didn't see it! Thanks suebee!
  5. Sasha

    WAG Does anyone remember ?

    I posted it in 2015, but sadly all my posts from that year are gone :( Also gone is the software account (from an old job) I used to create it, so I do not have access to the file. :(
  6. Sasha

    WAG IGC requiring female campers to wear shorts or leggings

    Yes. And bar-style shorts can also accommodate more cuts of undergarments without showing. While some gymnasts have no problem finding the right undergarment to fit their bodies AND the cut of the leotard so that it doesn't show, many still struggle despite having tried many brands. I know my DD...
  7. Sasha

    For Parents Advice needed

    Does your current gym have other successful Level 9s either now or recent past? Curious what is making you want to switch this year? Can you tell us a bit more how you know that your current coach is "aware of and respectful of whatever decision you make? Hard to give advice how to reach out to...
  8. Sasha

    WAG IGC requiring female campers to wear shorts or leggings

    I have not read this entire thread, but sharing my thought process: I asked myself, if pedophiles didn't exist in the world, and that had nothing to do with reasoning behind a new uniform change, would I support the decision to mandate shorts at a club or camp? Honestly, yes. Over the years of...
  9. Sasha

    For Parents Collegiate Gymnastics

    Agree with above on realistic college options. Club gymnastics may only need level 8-9ish skills. Maybe even less as I think club takes anyone? Not sure. Maybe others can elaborate on Club? If she does want to aim for L10 before graduating high school, that is theoretically totally achievable...
  10. Sasha

    Back Handspring Bent Arms - Technique or strength?

    I'm not a coach, but I see a lot of technique issues. First, her roundoff looks more like a cartwheel-step in. She is not landing with feet together and isn't getting any rebound to launch into the back handsrpring. She is also landing this "cartwheel" on bent legs, so she is not at the right...
  11. Sasha

    For Parents Swimming before a meet

    I have always let my kiddo swim (more like "Water play", is never really swimming like doing laps or anything, lol) the day/evening before a meet (not the day of). Bonding with friends, laughing, getting out energy (and many gymnasts have a LOT of energy! Sitting around is the worst!) - I think...
  12. Sasha

    OT Going to the loo during lesson time.

    I'm unclear if OP is asking about going to the loo in school, or in gymnastics class, and I'm unclear on the age range of the children in question, but regardless, I would have a serious problem if bathroom visits were forbidden as a rule. As other posters already said, if the instructor...
  13. Sasha

    WAG Shorts in competition

    Were the photos, descriptions, and personal accounts of ill-fitting garments and other concerns people have raised not 'real life' to you? Clearly you like high cut leotards for your own sense of visual appeal, and you think lower cuts are "Granny Panties." Opinion noted (multiple times)...
  14. Sasha

    WAG Shorts in competition

    I think I know the photo you’re referring to. I won’t post photo, but here is a link to article. Anyone who is arguing about ‘lines’ being accentuated with a high cut leg should consider whether this athlete’s lines are really...
  15. Sasha

    WAG Shorts in competition

    I asked my turning-12 year old optional, "So if you were in charge of all gymnastics, what would you choose as the standard competition uniform?" I gave her choice of long and short sleeve leos for the top, and choice of shorts, pants/capris, or nothing for the bottom. I did specify that any...
  16. Sasha

    WAG Jeff Thompson out at Penn State

    This is terrible. If parents are to stand together and change the abusive and secretive culture, the next step is to out this gym and coach. Write a letter to USAG and name names. Post the gym experience on every forum you can. Help other parents make informed choices and not let this gym be...
  17. Sasha

    WAG Woops, CGM slip

    I'm going to try not to feed the CGM here ;) but this is a legitimate question mark that makes sense that you would wonder about. I had this concern early in compulsories, but I buried it in the name of "not being CGM", and I unfortunately turned out to be right. Despite being a podium queen in...
  18. Sasha

    For Parents How do you feel about 100% medals placements?

    I also identify with the "memento" rationale, and agree that it could be something other than an AA medal. My daughter would LOVE it if they just handed out Top 3, then everyone got a nice meet-specific-designed memento like one of those little keychains, stuffed animal wearing meet-t-shirt...
  19. Sasha

    For Parents Uggh....

    Could be, but I have also seen/heard of coaches be pushed to the wall with little choice but to leave at inconvenient times, or literally ousted (without that being made the public story). And speaking out on the 'real explanation' when the root case may be owner/HC disagreement could sometimes...
  20. Sasha

    For Parents Bittersweet Day

    Excellent idea. Write to USAG. Name names. And while you're at it, tweet to Aly Raisman.