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    For Parents Vent

    Talk to your parents
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    For Parents Questions about switching gyms for higher level of training…

    Having a successful L3 season might be a good sign, but I would base it on if your DD is getting the proper raw skills and form. If the base mechanics are being taught there, then you don't need to move until maybe L6. Our DD is 8yo competing level 6 this season but has always done pretty...
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    For Parents L6 Floor Music

    thanks for the replies so far. It's a big decision when you have to hear this so many times o_O , lol. Seems like people cut their own as the best option. I was hoping someone would tell me to stay away from some of the sites I mentioned, because to me, the execution of the songs sound...
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    For Parents L6 Floor Music

    L6 is the first optional and a huge task is obviously picking the floor music. I'm sure parents have a preference what their daughters will use. It's pretty overwhelming. I'm wondering what the crowd has done when picking. 1. Did you use JumpTwist? I find almost all of their song execution...
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    For Parents Non-Gymnastics Class Types

    Times are tough. Our gym does clinics which grabs short term attention because people don't want to fully commit. You can do tumbling classes that might pull in cheerleaders, parkour, bar clinics, beam clinics, or strength conditioning.
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    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    Got2b Glued is the strongest out there for flyaways. But for the bun, I followed a youtube video where you do 2 braids and then wrap them into a bun, then some pins. It's pretty solid. I like the look as well.
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    For Parents Level 4 can’t get scores up/online help?

    Yea, it's tough. Understanding the deductions from the videos is good and possibly good to review with your child just to have a better understanding of how it relates to her scores. I'm not sure what the ratio is, but you could say 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30...but the coach is a huge part of...
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    For Parents Level 4 can’t get scores up/online help?

    I try to figure this out at times too but the best thing is to leave it to the coaches. I think the preference is for parents to not coach the children at home or read into all the details to figure it out. If your coaches don't know what is causing the deductions, then maybe you need to try...
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    For Parents Is coach a bully? Should I get my son out of there?

    Where do you draw the line of bully vs teaching style? Instead of just leaving, why not report the coach and get them fired so this doesn't happen to others if it's that serious?
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    For Parents Question about judging favoritism?

    I'm new here and DD is just level 3, but I feel like I already know the community and do/dont's. I think airing it out here to get your take on the situation was the way to go, but you didn't wait for feedback from the community before you took action. Some really good input was given but...