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  1. henrik541

    Sports Acro!!!

    yay!!! one more acrobat!!! i'm pretty sure it's because we're very few... but also because there's no Thread Group for acro :c I started at a very very small club too! :D I wish i had started earlier too, so I could be a top :/
  2. henrik541

    MAG MAG different routines

    Yeah, that's pretty much acro :D but, kinda in a manly way, i guess o.O
  3. henrik541

    OT Gymnast Twitter Accounts

    The ones I follow. Pretty sure there's more but I don't feel like searching now... Acrobatic Gymnasts: Douglas Fordyce, retired base, men pair, GBR @DougFordyce Edward Upcott, retired top, men pair, amaaaazing gymnast, GBR @EdwardUpcott Jonathan Stranks, top for Men's Group, GBR @JonStranks...
  4. henrik541

    MAG MAG different routines

    Sooo, I hope I don't get any type of hate for posting this but... I feel like there's this general idea that men can't be artistic or graceful, that's pretty obvious given the fact that there's no music or dance in FX for MAG. What I want to know is if there is any male gymnast that actually...
  5. henrik541

    Round off back tucks and layouts... going backwards

    Hi, thanks everyone. I've been training all three positions and I'm close to a good RO Layout :D Thanks. Yes, I can do that without bending. I don't have much shoulder flexibility but I don't think that's the problem. I'll try to get a video soon. When I say I have good rotation, I mean, if...
  6. henrik541

    Round off back tucks and layouts... going backwards

    thanks, i'll try this as soon as I can :) how can i do this? i tried everything i can think of, but i always end up rotating to early and putting my hands down one at a time and off the line. :( Well, thanks, but this is not an option. I do acro, things are a bit different. I trust my coaches...
  7. henrik541

    Round off back tucks and layouts... going backwards

    So, long story short, I started practicing round off back tucks, my coach said it doesn't look like a back tuck at all, so i should start doing pikes, I can't pull up my pikes, so they end up being layouts. :D So, now I'm training back layouts, but whatever the position is, I can't seem to get...
  8. henrik541

    Spine/Back Flexibility

    For a start, this is a great idea. :D But honestly, the tips in the other threads were not enough for me, so I went deeper and after 2 years I can say I have very good back flexibility. This is the website that helped me start Contortionists Handbook There was a bigger version but, for some...
  9. henrik541

    Are there male rhythmic gymnasts?

    Yes, that's the Japanese version, which assumes that flexibility is for the girls the same way that tumbling is for the guys (in a good way). But there's actually a different type, that appeared in Spain. Ruben Orihuela - Tournoi Paris Rythmique 2011 - ribbon - YouTube This is Ruben Orihuela...
  10. henrik541

    OT why did you pick that name?

    henrik - because it's kind of an american version of my name. 541 - it was the number of a cell phone that I was trying to buy when I joined another forum about tech. :D I liked it, so I've been using it sometimes. But I have like thousands of other usernames :)
  11. henrik541

    CB's 3rd Unique Contest! 2012 Edition

    I once saw a tsuk on beam and immediately thought of a yurchenko as beam dismount: ro, bhs to hands, back tuck off. I searched online, but nothing. So I dropped the idea. Then I saw a tsuk on a men's floor routine, into a front roll out, so I suppose it's possible to do your skill. :D PS - I'm...
  12. henrik541

    CB's 3rd Unique Contest! 2012 Edition

    Wow, that sounds amazing! And very dangerous, too! :D It's like a tsukahara on floor, but instead of missing the round-off, you miss the bhs, right? gymnastbeth, I would say you could post as many entries as you want, but since you've said that, I would propose that they can only enter one...
  13. henrik541

    Can anyone give their opinions on these two floor musics? I can't choose!

    I've heard the 24# too many times, I would go for the 63# for a more Drama!!!-tic routine. :melodramatic: But like LiveLoveTumble said, you have to like your own music.
  14. henrik541

    CB's 3rd Unique Contest! 2012 Edition

    Hi! So, here we are again to start our 3rd Annual Chalk Bucket's Unique Contest. Last year, gymnastbeth (winner of the first edition) started the second contest,, but nobody entered it. I believe it was due to...
  15. henrik541

    Pointed toes, pointed feet, straight toes, straight feet?

    English is not my native language, but if someone said any of those to me, I would do the same action. I prefer "point your toes", because it seems obvious.
  16. henrik541

    Straddle Press Handstand

    Ok, i didn't read everyone's answers, but I need to give my opinion here: I can do it, although I never did any drills for it. I just tried it from times to times and practiced a lot handstands and handstand press down. My press had a totally poor form: bent arms, bent legs; but I managed to...
  17. henrik541

    Games & Gymnastics

    I was looking for a online game, actually, but thanks anyway, those may be useful someday. Anyone has good online games about gymnastics?
  18. henrik541

    Hi people!

    thanks :D (wow, 2 years later...)
  19. henrik541

    Overrotating on double backs?

    It's not me, but thanks, it's nice to see that Acro is actually enjoyed. Sorry, I don't know the name of the song and that pair is not together anymore, so it's hard to find it in comments...
  20. henrik541

    Rhythmic or Artistic Gymnastics?

    Actually, I say you should try it before you quit AG, obviously. RG is hard. Ag is hard too, but they're different kinds of hard. If you really would prefer to spend the rest of your gymnastics career doing RG, then go for it. If you're not sure, or you think it's just a phase, slow down. Think...