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    For Coaches More strength!

    Work smarter, not harder. Use mats and blocks so that the kids can get on the equipment or attempt the skill themselves. I always tell me gymnasts that if if it takes more muscle for me to help them do the skill than it would take for me to do the skill myself then they aren’t ready for it yet.
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    For Coaches International Competitions for club gymnasts.

    I was hoping there are some European coaches here who would know of competitions that allow gymnasts from other countries to compete as either guests or sponsored by another club.
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    For Coaches Coaches Incentive Program

    I wish I could like JBS’ response more than once.
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    For Coaches Injuries to Coaches from your gymnasts.

    Elbows and knees to the face, hit or kicked in the crotch, broken finger or two, rolled ankles, pulled muscle in my neck and I’ve been bitten. All of them were accidents or happenstance except for the last and one particularly difficult five year who kicked me in the face and called me a *****.
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    Anon Round off Tuck- STG

    You can never say that something is impossible but coming into gymnastics at 13 does make the college path incredibly unlikely. Competing is however quite likely if she is in the right gym although a may just be XCEL. Her best bet is to wait for the next class. As a coach, I never recommend...
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    WAG Cheese mat improper usage

    Back bend goes up a wedge, back handspring generally goes down a wedge, and back walkover has no place on a wedge whatsoever. I draw a very hard line on wedge and trampoline use for back walkover with anyone I coach and any coaches in my gym.
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    For Coaches New Aspiring Level 1 Coach - Flexibility / Conditioning drills.

    I personally wouldn’t worry about starting with much strength or flex for yourself at first. Most new coaches start with recreational and build up from there. So, while you are learning to spot and position yourself, you should recognise areas that you are weak and your strength and flex will...
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    WAG Flyaway problems

    Relax, don’t over complicate things, and trust your coach.
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    For Coaches Creating educational resources for students

    I can’t think of the biggest barrier I have faced while coaching. Except ,maybe, trying to make a living doing it at times. Really though; time, equipment, commitment and ability (my own or the gymnasts), or knowledge are all barriers we hit. As far as the video, it was all solid enough...
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    WAG Major technical points for Tsuk

    1. The run 2. Board position and entry 3. Block and set 4. Rotation 5. Landing
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    For Coaches Finding a place for a trip away with my gymnasts.

    I could get you in contact with old colleagues in Denmark or Norway if you’re interested.
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    WAG Skill values for level 7

    If you are looking for FIG value then you just look up the skill in the FIG code of points. I haven’t coached in the states for a while, but I remember JO having their own modified code that you can find all the values in if they differ from the FIG.
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    WAG Simone's triple-double; are we sure she's even human?

    That’s probably the best breakdown possible. I like the “high level optimization” idea. I’ve never really thought about it that exact way, but from training and coaching I’ve noticed that as the skill and experience of a gymnast raises the technique sort of modifies. I’ve never done or taught...
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    WAG Half-on

    The 1/4 vs 1/2 is just a hold over from the days of long/side horse. With the change in apparatus came a change a more drastic in technique. A 1/2 or 1/4 really makes little difference to the vault itself but I would argue that the 1/4 on is a better approach in almost all circumstances. I agree...
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    For Coaches Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    Not sure if fourteen years is enough to be considered a veteran, but I’ve taught and done well enough in quite a few states and a country or two. “The best coach hasn’t been born yet and probably never will be.” and “There is no right way to teach something, but there are wrong ways.” Those are...
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    MAG Difficulty vs Execution

    I need to see if I can get someone to send me the USAG info for MAG and WAG invade I make my way back to the States at some point in the next few years. Wouldn't want to come back into the USAG world unprepared.
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    MAG Difficulty vs Execution

    If it has changed, then it would be a good idea to add the A value skill from an element group that you are missing instead of adding another higher value skill from an element group you already have. The lower value skill will add .6 at the least while the other would probably only add up to...
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    MAG Difficulty vs Execution

    It must be a change within USAG then. The only mention of taking highest value skills first within the FIG code is for special repetitions.
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    MAG Difficulty vs Execution

    It's been about two years since I coached or judged men's in the US and while some things were modified, they still followed FIG rules for scoring. If they still are, then they count the 8 highest skills by element group and not just the 8 highest skills. I'll try to explain the best I can...
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    WAG Can MAG coaches coach WAG?

    I came from the US to Ireland, I just have my origin country listed. It was surprisingly easy to get my qualification, but I feel like they were trying to give me hard time because they asked for skills way higher than needed for level 3. I didn't find out until after I got here and learned...