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    ASAP Mental block! Leving for Nationals tuesday!

    So tuesday I am leaving for high school gymnastics nationals in Florida. This wednesday, I had developed a mental block. I was working on punch fulls (round off style entrance) off a trampoline. After I was done working on them I tried doing front tucks and I couldnt go forward anymore, I wanted...
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    Bar changes: High to Low

    This year for High school competitions I am going to do a optional routine. The requirements are: Four Bs 1 C B dismount (or B turn, B release, etc) 2 bar changes I got my cast handstand yesterday and also Giants. For my routine my Bs will be Giant Giant Clear Hip I do not have a C B...
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    Age groups for level 7?

    I havent done club since I was 8 Ive been doing HS gymnastics but this summer I worked out with a team and now they want me to compete with them. I wanted to know what the age divisions usually are for level 7? Im 17 right now and im 18 in April. So like ages would I be competing against? thanks
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    anyone know how to cut song into 'floor routine music'??

    Actually im using a really good editor, well I just found the middle spot I needed to cut and I cut it, so what I need help with now is the transition from where I cut because it doesnt flow now. Im high school gymnast so I am not really a certain level.. but I will have 2 tumbling passes, one...
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    anyone know how to cut song into 'floor routine music'??

    Hi, I want to use this movie theme song, and it doesnt have words..never came with them. Also I already cut it to where I want it to start and end, also I found where I want my 2nd tumbling pass to be..the problem is that it is 2 min 17 secs... and I need it to be like 1:20-1:30 secs, so I need...
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    What to bring to camp...

    Im going week 8
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    Ah! back to club workouts, 6 year break!

    Thanks. Yeah my first practice was last night, 4 hours it was pretty good the girls were pretty nice theres actually one thats 17, but shes a level 10 all the level 7s are like 5th graders ha I was so sore when I woke up I feel like I was hit by a semi truck!
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    Ah! back to club workouts, 6 year break!

    So, I use to be in club from like age 7-11 (5th grade) now im 17 and a Junior and I left club when I was 11 because of a injury so since 6th grade ive done middle/high school gymnastics. My high school season ended in Febuary, since like April Ive just been going to a tumbling class for like one...
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    High school gymnastics and club levels?

    Thats about right, I havent been in club for years, but im about level 7 and I like go to state (they only take top 2 on each event from our district) so yah thats how it pretty much is, but at state its like almost all "high superiors" I guess
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    What to bring to camp...

    Im going to Woodward West Never been to camp before im not sure what to bring myself
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    Monthly charges

    Mine is 60 hours a month for $150
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    How long did it take you, your daughter, ir your gymnasts to learn a doubleback?

    Thanks geoffrey for your input what does holy grail have to do with doublebacks anyways?
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    Summer camps!

    OK thanks, il check it out also has anyone been to Woodward? how was your experience? how much gymnastics time did you get a day about? and what did you learn?
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    Summer camps!

    Hi, Im 17 and a current high school junior. Im a former club gymnasts thats been doing high school gymnastics. This summer I am probably going to a gymnastics summer camp. I live in Washington and am looking into Woodward West which looks great but I also wanted to know what camps there are in...
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    How long did it take you, your daughter, ir your gymnasts to learn a doubleback?

    hahha thats the same with me, im the team "chicken"
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    How long did it take you, your daughter, ir your gymnasts to learn a doubleback?

    gymnafreak- how long did it take you to learn it?
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    College gymnastics

    how good do u have to be?? what is the minimum on each event?? thanks
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    well i wasnt competing for like 8 months and when i came back in my handspring on vault my arms were not locked my coach had us lock our arms and fall then push of a wall while standing and also doing pop offs on the floor. Also try using a cheese mat