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    Fun Workouts

    I think a really fun thing to do would be to play surviver on floor. Like when you are warming up for your floor routines, and you are telling your kids what to fix, if they don't fix it the next time you see them, they get kicked off and have to do conditioning. It might sound mean to make them...
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    Falling Asleep in Splits

    I fell asleep in my split one time during flexibilty training at gym, and then I woke up and remembered where i was, it was pretty funny. But the longest I've ever held my split for was 20 min. I couldn't feel my leg when I stood up again. :P
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    Killer Practice

    worst practive ever for me was probably one time when I forgot my grips at home after a meet, and we get in alot of trouble for that. I had to do 500 hollow body rocks. It was awful. It hurt really bad at the time, but the next it wasn't too bad surprisingly.
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    perfect 10

    i haven't ever saw a perfect 10. At our gym a bunch of people have made 9.9's and 9.8's and stuff, but 10.0's? Never saw one!! I wish. I bet it was awesome!
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    What is your floor music?

    i know alot of people that have walking on sunshine! I love it. next year i am going to do Pirates of the Carribean music. :) I love those movies!!!
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    What is your floor music?

    my floor music is little bitty pretty one, or itty bitty pretty one, something like that. i'm not sure. i didn't choose it.
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    What's your highest scores?

    Exactly what the title says. I was thinking about this the other day, and I just wanted to know what everybody's highest scores are on each event. I'm in AAU Prep-Op 1, and my scores aren't extremely high compared to some people at my gym who make 9.9's (no 10's yet). But anyways, tell me what...
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    Flip City Aerials. This is for people who live in GA.

    Ok, I was just wondering how many people have heard of the Flip City Aerials, from Rome, GA.? I know alot of people haven't, but I was just wondering if you have heard of them, fo you think they are good?