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  1. auswi

    For Parents How effective are Sports Psychologists?

    It seems logical to provide routine therapy as ‘ maintenance’ for the mental aspect of gymnastics just as ongoing physio & massage is provided for ongoing maintenance of the body. A psychologist is available as part of the ongoing aspect of DD’s ( junior international) training which I think...
  2. auswi

    WAG Pac Rims

    I feel horrified- I joined flogymnastics to watch PacRim but absolutely wouldn’t have if I’d realised the history:confused::eek::mad:
  3. auswi

    WAG Pac Rims

    The girls had an amazing and fun time
  4. auswi

    For Parents update on Chalkbucket baby and Brain cancer

    That is such great news, thanks so much for posting! I too needed a heart emoji
  5. auswi

    For Parents Picky eater, losing weight

    2 of our boys are on ADHD meds ( 12 & 9) and weight loss was initially a real issue. So with the boys I make sure they are up 30 mins earlier so they have time to eat brekky before they have their meds; school lunch is just given so I look like a good Mum as both lads just pick at their lunch...
  6. auswi

    MAG So happy

    So happy to hear this update!!
  7. auswi

    For Parents Puma Jr makes bars event finals for USAIGC Worlds!!!

    Fantastic effort & good luck tomorrow :)
  8. auswi

    For Parents What would you do?

    It seems that OPs Dd is not progressing anyway at her current gym; with College gym as an end goal this won't happen here- I would definitely be trialling the new gym.
  9. auswi

    OT Non gymnastic sibling

    Our Dd who doesn't particularly enjoy most sport ( & who is placed slapbang in the middle of extremely sporty siblings) found 2 she thoroughly enjoys ( after trying absolutely everything available in our area. ) She is a very successful hockey goalie & loves to row in summer. Might be with a...
  10. auswi

    For Parents Question for parents of boys....

    Mine varies between tight ( stretch) boxer type undies to old fashioned y fronts ( also stretchy & neat fitting). Ds is 12.:)
  11. auswi

    WAG Mom Brag

    Fantastic effort - enjoy her solo
  12. auswi

    MAG Ric Swezey

    Very sad news
  13. auswi

    MAG Nationals Update

    Fantastic- have so enjoyed following him over the time I've been a CBer
  14. auswi

    For Parents Happy Mothers Day

    Yes, happy Mother's Day to you & everyone in a primary caring role xxx
  15. auswi

    junior. Intermediate,Senior? Can someone explain?

    That makes it really hard- gymies will have to be really en pointe that day. Wonder what the reasoning is? I know in Vic that the scores from the Interstate comp for IL can be used as qualifiers for Aus Champs, but I'm unsure about NL.
  16. auswi

    junior. Intermediate,Senior? Can someone explain?

    Just wondering if the option is there for a gym to employ coaches & have an in house comp to qualify?
  17. auswi

    Other sports

    Ds (12 & elite track) has just started the Rec soccer season again- the main thing was I was very open with the coach who was absolutely fine- Ds leaves training 20 mins before it finishes on a Sat morning & will not make all the inter league games ( on a Sunday but figure he maybe too tired for...
  18. auswi

    For Parents Maybe I have a leo problem

    It's only a problem if I actually count them lol Dd has heaps -it's no use this Mama bear buying her cute outfits to wear around as she spends all her time in the gym... so I tend to buy cute Leo's ( that she likes) quite regularly ....
  19. auswi

    For Parents Question for parents of high level gymnasts

    Dd at 6 was a keen dancer- gymnastics hadn't even entered her horizon!! At age 8 1/2 she was doing a ton of other activities but squeezed in a one hour rec gym class to support her adopted sister who needed her support to be able to join the gym class. Did very limited hours the next 2 years...
  20. auswi

    For Parents Chalk bucket baby is

    Thanks so much for the update, saying prayers; & sending hugs