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    Our coach will count the stuff for us and we will do them with her like she will count out a we really cant cheat. and its not because she thinks we will or we do or ever want to its just so she can make sure its done correctly or the way she wants it done. when we do do things by...
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    2nd lvl6 meet but i only had 1 practice before it..Nervous!

    Hi, i have my second level 6 meet in two days. i did well on my first and the second wouldnt be that bad i guess the only thing is that we only had 1 practice between our 1st meet and this one because of labor day and breaks and things. we do have a mini-meet on friday but i dont know if that...
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    Right down no problem Left getting ther...most of the time: / and middle is like a mountain i have no clue how 2 get it down
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    Just started level 6 meet season!

    its just a big transition on everything once uhave it down uneed 2 perfect it anythng tht they really take off for that would b good 2 watch out about would help alot.i did well my first meet but im really hoping 2 get up there for optionals any advise or confadence things would help 2 if u...
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    first competition EVER

    Hey thats awsome ur first compation ever! just remember to have fun and be confadent in yourself thats really it basically it doesnt matter how you do as long as you tried your best because ther will always b another chance 2 show it off u got it i hope u do well!!
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    Heyyy!!! how ya doinn

    Heyy! Im Moriah andi lovvee gymnastics ...and this site lol:) i dont have a fav event i like em alll :beam: i wanna hear from u:))